Optimal Wellness Genetic Insights Panel Cheek Swab

Item # LC100097

Optimal Wellness Genetic Insights Panel Cheek Swab

Item # LC100097

Analyzes genetics in 7 key areas of health (methylation, neurotransmitters, mitochondrial health, detoxification, inflammation, and more) and provides genetically targeted nutritional suggestions.

Are you looking to optimize your health and supplementation regimen through personalized nutrigenomic (nutrition/genetic) testing? The Optimal Wellness Genetic Insights Panel analyzes your genetics for 7 key areas of health and provides genetically targeted nutritional suggestions and health information in these key areas:

  • Methylation (methylfolate [5-MTHF] and methyl & adenosyl-B12)
    • This panel includes testing for the common C677T and A1298C variations of MTHFR, along with testing for 11 other genes involved in the methylation cycle and B12/Folate metabolism.
  • Neurotransmitter Production (B6, taurine, TMG, inositol, methionine, glycine and more)
    • Includes testing for common variations in the MAO, COMT, GAD genes responsible for neurotransmitter production, conversion, and breakdown.
  • Mitochondrial Function (CoQ10, PQQ, carnitine, magnesium, and other nutrients to support the electron transport chain)
  • Detoxification (NAC, glutathione, lipoic acid, antioxidants and more)
  • Neuro-Inflammatory Potential (Curcumin, Omegas, resveratrol, quercetin and more)
  • Environmental/Dietary Inflammation Risk (gluten sensitivity/intolerance risk, histamine breakdown, need for prebiotics, Vitamin D/K, expected benefits from curcumin and more)
  • Health Precautions (risk of salt retention, risk of problematic estrogen metabolites, hypothyroid risk and more)

The Optimal Wellness Genetic Insights Panel is for those looking for customized insights based on their individual genetic uniqueness into methylation, detoxification, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, gluten risk, histamine breakdown, probiotics and so much more.


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Processing Lab: GX Sciences

Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks from date received

Restrictions: No kits available in PA, AK, or HI.

This panel includes testing for the common C677T and A1298C variations of MTHFR as well as the V158M variation of COMT, meaning this panel can help identify the same variations as our standalone MTHFR/COMT test (LC100045); therefore, if you order this test, you do not need to order the standalone MTHFR/COMT test (LC100045) separately. However, if you’ve already done the standalone test and are looking for additional insight into genetic variations related to methylation and targeted nutritional suggestions, this is an excellent follow-up test to take.

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Optimal Wellness Genetic Insights Panel Cheek Swab


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