Propeptide of Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) Blood Test

Item # LC143000

Propeptide of Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) Blood Test  - Life Extension

Propeptide of Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) Blood Test

Item # LC143000

B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a small protein secreted by the ventricles of the heart in response to excessive stretching of the heart muscle’s cells. The N-terminal fragment of BNP is a sensitive marker of cardiac dysfunction.

B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a small protein secreted by the ventricles of the heart in response to excessive stretching of the heart muscles cells (myocytes). BNP is secreted into the blood when your heart is working hard. The N-terminal fragment of BNP is a highly sensitive marker for cardiac dysfunction.

An elevated NT-proBNP level frequently indicates the presence of an underlying cardiac disorder. It can even identify people with structural heart disease and cardiac dysfunction before symptoms begin.1-5 Even relatively low levels of NT-proBNP may be considered an index of increased cardiovascular risk since NT-proBNP abnormalities correlate well with development of progressive atherosclerosis.6


Fasting is not required for this test. Take all medications as prescribed.


BNP and NT-proBNP levels decrease in most people who are taking drug therapies for heart failure; such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, beta blockers, and diuretics. BNP and NT-proBNP also increase with increasing age and decreasing renal function. Additionally, NT-proBNP has been found to be more sensitive and specific than BNP.


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Propeptide of Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) Blood Test

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