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Quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients has dramatically improved in recent years with the advent of sophisticated new therapies, and scientific innovation is unraveling the mysteries of the human immunodeficiency virus at an expeditious rate. Cutting-edge treatments under investigation at the frontiers of science are redefining the discussion of HIV/AIDS and “cure” is no longer a four-letter word in the minds of some leading HIV researchers.1

Having identified multiple aspects pivotal in controlling HIV infection and developing antiretroviral drugs to target many of them, the scientific community has made tremendous strides in the management of latent HIV. The mortality rate for HIV-positive individuals has declined considerably and continues to do so.2-4

Alas, the indispensable antiretroviral drugs themselves cause a number of troubling side effects. Patients treated with long-term antiretroviral therapy usually develop, among other concerns, lipodystrophy, insulin resistance, and increased cardiovascular risk. Unfortunately, these drug-induced conditions diminish patients’ quality of life and contribute to an increased rate of cardiovascular events and diabetes.5-8

Life Extension believes that a major gap in conventional HIV treatment regimens is the failure to aggressively manage patients’ cardio-metabolic risk by using evidence-based drugs like metformin, and scientifically studied natural compounds like green coffee extract and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. Moreover, hormone restoration therapy appears to promote healthy fat redistribution and improve body composition in male HIV patients, and is associated with lower risk of death in HIV-positive women.

In this protocol you will learn some basics of the biology of the human immunodeficiency virus and how it destroys the immune system of its host. You will also discover a number of natural compounds that may improve your quality of life by targeting several antiretroviral drug-related side effects, and read about avant-garde medical therapies that aim to improve outlook for HIV patients even further in the not-so-distant future.