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Living Fit? Top scientific facts.

Living Fit? Top scientific facts.

Engaging in regular physical activity is one of the pillars of health. Not only does it make us look and feel good, but physical fitness is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, frailty and other adverse conditions. To maintain muscle, the body needs specific nutrients, particularly protein. As we grow older, a healthy diet and nutritional support become especially important to prevent aging-related muscle loss.

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Achieve the fitness level you desire with a healthy diet, regular exercise, willpower and the nutrients your active body needs.

Frequently Asked Active Lifestyle & Fitness Questions


How can you increase your metabolism?

Increasing your metabolism means increasing the number of calories that you burn. This is also termed thermogenesis. Adopting an active lifestyle and building muscle through exercise is one of the best ways to boost metabolism. Additionally, eating a well-rounded diet with adequate protein is important. The supplement 7-keto DHEA deserves special mention as it has been shown to safely promote thermogenesis and lean muscle mass, which encourages a healthy weight. For an extra boost, green tea as a beverage or supplement may help increase metabolism.


What nutrients increase endurance?

Creatine, L-carnitine and branch chain amino acids have been shown in human trials to increase exercise performance. Creatine is most effective as an aid to high-intensity, short-duration activities. Carnitine can be useful for exercise performance and is a great choice to help with muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. Branch chain amino acids have been shown to help us resist exercise induced fatigue and to enhance our ability to use fat for energy during endurance exercise. These nutrients can be taken together before and after exercise as part of an exercise enhancing program.


How do you improve stamina and strength?

Incorporating branch chain amino acids (BCAA) into a strength training routine is a simple and effective way to get the most muscle out of your exercise efforts. BCAA can be supplemented alone, or whey protein can be used as it contains high amounts of BCAA. BCAA have been shown to increase exercise endurance, improve exercise recovery, and stimulate muscle growth. For additional support, D-ribose is a nutrient that can be added to encourage greater gains in muscle strength and endurance.

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