Eight Steps to Wellness

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Eight Steps to Wellness

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Suzanne Somers’ new book Breakthrough opens our eyes to the potential of growing old in great health, with our brains intact, and our energy at youthful levels. Now 61 and in a vibrant physical and mental state, Suzanne is living proof that proper nutrition and hormone restoration can help us all stay healthy at any age. A firm believer in antiaging medicine after it turned her own life around, Suzanne is looking forward to being part of the first generation to live past 100 in a vital state, without pharmaceuticals or the common frailties of advanced age.

Eight Steps to Wellness

Building on her previous best seller books, Breakthrough takes bioidentical hormone replacement a step further. By pinpointing our organs’ vulnerabilities, Suzanne’s new book explains how we can strengthen these weak links so that the body no longer has to compensate for them and is protected against age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Breakthrough reveals eight key steps to wellness one can implement that address the horrendous, but preventable, factors that erode our bodies and minds as we age. From toxic buildup associated with processed chemicals in our food, water, pharmaceuticals, and the air we breathe to our unhealthy diets, and adverse effects of lacking the right nutrients, exercise, and sleep, Suzanne’s new book provides an invaluable guide to overcoming each destructive influence with the latest scientific advances.

Cutting-Edge Science

Breakthrough introduces you to some of the world’s most prominent anti-aging doctors who practice proactive medicine, that is, true preventive “health care” rather than the present “disease care.” In the interviews with these cutting-edge doctors, Breakthrough provides well-researched, scientifically proven information to enhance the quality of life, while delivering practical advice on the newest treatments for health and longevity.

Overcoming barriers to preventive health care

According to Suzanne Somers, America’s medicine is 50 years behind the times. Dedicated and passionate about antiaging medicine, she believes that while we are the best at surgery, we must ask ourselves why so much surgery is being done. If we practice health care, we can prevent many conditions requiring surgery.

Science-based prevention is the path toward longevity. Surgery is the end result of decline, but is preventable if we are willing to put in the effort, allowing men and women alike to restore and maintain optimal health, vitality, and sexuality.

As with all of Suzanne’s best sellers, Breakthrough presents this comprehensive information together with a list of resources in a compelling and easy-to-read manner. Here is a sample of what you can learn from Breakthrough:

  • Very low doses of lithium can stave off memory loss with aging
  • Adding an average of three spices per meal can transform your foods into super foods, while also curbing your appetite
  • Certain groups of people have higher risk of disease, for example, blond women with blue eyes have an increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Most cancers begin when we go through hormonal decline
  • Memory problems in menopause may be due to a lack of acetylcholine
  • Just one diet soda can kill brain neurons within six to eight hours and regular consumption can cause brain damage and cancer
  • Brain chemical imbalances can cause food cravings, which can become addictive and lead to obesity
  • Harmful excitotoxic compounds such as monosodium glutamate trigger free radical generation that lasts a lifetime and is a major culprit in chronic disease
  • Instead of antibiotics, D-mannose can help cure bladder infections
  • Iodine can relieve the pain of cystic breasts
  • Women taking synthetic hormones may have trouble processing bioidentical hormones, a problem that can be overcome with the trace element cobalt
  • French women have been using bioidentical hormones for a long time—a 10-year study found they greatly benefit the heart, decrease osteoporosis, and do not increase breast cancer risk—the same cannot be said of synthetic hormones
  • Applying topical bioidentical estrogen on the temples can relieve migraine headaches due to low estrogen level
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Eight Steps to Wellness