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Exercise Enhancement


Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for premature death worldwide (WHO 2014).

Throughout human history, survival necessitated physical activity. Daily physical work defined and shaped the way the human body functions.

Today, general lack of physical activity directly contributes to many of the chronic diseases that plague modern societies. Lack of physical activity reduces life expectancy by about as much as smoking or obesity, and physical inactivity may account for nearly 10% of all premature deaths (Lee 2012; Bouchard 2015).

Evidence linking better cardiorespiratory fitness to improved health and longevity is overwhelming (Despres 2016; Lakoski 2015; Kaminsky 2013; Lee 2010). In fact, maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness reduces risk of chronic diseases and death more than any drug (Bishop-Bailey 2013; EIM 2017; Mossberg 2010; Reents 2016).

Experts have called for a measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness, such as sub-maximal VO2 max estimates, to be added to routine cardiovascular health screening alongside more typical markers such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and hemoglobin A1C (Despres 2016; Kaminsky 2013; Lee 2010).

Physical activity can be enjoyable—dancing, gardening, sightseeing, and other simple alternatives to sedentary behavior can all confer substantial health benefits. Even as little leisure time activity as 75 minutes of brisk walking per week has been linked to longevity (Moore 2012).

At the cellular level, exercise protects DNA against oxidative damage and rejuvenates energy-producing mitochondria (Garatachea 2015; Parise 2005; Steiner 2011). Exercise also activates AMPK—a crucial regulator of energy metabolism (O'Neill 2013).

In this protocol, you will discover innovative ways to maximize the longevity benefits of regular physical activity using an integrative approach. For instance, hormone restoration, including impressive exercise-potentiating effects of the adrenal hormone DHEA, will be reviewed. You will also learn about the performance-enhancing effects of various natural agents, including creatine, carnitine, whey protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.