Everything you need to know about Probiotics

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Probiotics Provide Vital Protection

Did you know that probiotics can provide vital protection against chronic diseases? Find out how here.

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Example of intestinal flora being protected by probiotics

Where Probiotics Can Help

Research shows that a balanced, healthy gut flora can have longevity benefits. Unfortunately, most aging adults don’t have a balanced gut flora. This is where probiotics can help.

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A Unique Probiotic

A unique probiotic targets heart disease and offers superior cardiovascular support. This demonstrates the power of probiotics outside of the digestive system.

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Reasons for taking probiotics

Listen to Dr. Mike as he describes science-based reasons for taking probiotics. He covers what they are, why you need them, and how to take care of them.

We’re Covered in Bacteria

We’re covered in bacteria. From top to bottom, and from the inside and out, we’re literally covered in them. By conservative estimates, we’re talking about trillions of bacteria. This means that we’re made up of more bacteria than our own cells! Most of them live in our gastrointestinal tract. But their effects go way beyond just gut health. Keeping an optimal level of healthy bacteria in your gut can have whole-body benefits.