How to Support Microbiome Balance

How to Support Microbiome Balance

Our digestive microbiome includes all the microorganisms in our gut, and its health can affect overall health and well-being. Studies show that shifting our microbiome toward a healthier balance can have a positive impact on the rest of our body’s systems. A healthy gut microbiome supports a healthy inflammatory response, metabolism, circadian rhythms and more. Probiotics can support the health of the microbiome in your digestive tract, as can a healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

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Achieve your optimal digestive microbiome health with a healthy diet and the nutrients that your gut’s good bacteria need.

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How does the microbiome work?

The microbiome is a complex network of microbial organisms and their whole environment that influences the entire body, not just the gut. These microbes have evolved and are essential to our health. There are as many microorganisms in our digestive tract as there are human cells in our body. Microbes help us break down our food and inhibit undesirable bacteria. Chemicals released by our gut microbes influence our metabolism, immunity, mood, cognition and more.

How do you maintain the health of your microbiome?

Our health and the health of our microbiome are interdependent, so what’s good for our microbiome is generally good for us. Obviously, probiotics can help support the health of your digestive microbiome. But prebiotics (the fibers and polyphenols in healthy, plant-based foods) get metabolized by microbes in our gut—which provides fuel for their role of promoting overall health.

Why is a healthy microbiome important?

Since the microbiome is so intimately involved in our physiology, its importance to our overall health – not merely our digestion – can hardly be overstated. Taking lifestyle steps to support your microbiome, such as eating healthy plant foods rich in fiber and phytonutrients, including some fermented foods, such as yogurt, in your diet and exercising is good for you, too!

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