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How Lab Tests Work

A straightforward, three‐step process.

1. Order

Select the lab test of your choice by clicking, "Add To Cart."

2. Draw

Take your form to a local lab or collect sample at home (e.g. saliva, breath, etc.)

Know your numbers

3. Review

Discuss your results with our Wellness Specialists—or bring a copy to your next doctor’s appointment.

Need help selecting what's best for you?

Find a Lab Near You

Locate the convenient LabCorp Patient Service Center closest to you. Lab tests are available in the continental United States and Anchorage, AK only. Not available in MD. Do not follow this link if you live in NY, NJ, RI or MA. Residents of select states may not have their blood drawn at LabCorp, but optional services may be available through other providers; for details,
call us at 1‐800‐208‐3444.

Find a Lab

Lab tests available in the continental United States and Anchorage, AK only. Not available in Maryland. Restrictions apply in NY, NJ, MA and RI. Kits not available in PA.

NY, NJ, MA, and RI residents may receive a blood draw kit due to state law (additional local draw fee may be incurred). Certain conditions apply. Call with any questions: 1-800-208-3444. This material is provided solely as a service to our customers. It is provided AS IS, without warranty as to its content. Life Extension reserves the right to withdraw, alter, and/or limit offers, product descriptions or prices contained herein without notice.

The blood test services are offered for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of National Diagnostics, Inc. and Life Extension to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health. Specific medical advice, including diagnosis and treatment, will not be provided. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Both the physician and the testing laboratory are independent contractors with whom National Diagnostics, Inc. makes arrangements for your blood tests. Neither National Diagnostics, Inc. nor Life Extension will be liable for any acts or omissions of the physician, the testing laboratory, or their agents or employees.