Life Extension Launches Senolytic Activator®

Multi-nutrient formula combats cellular senescence.   

Fort Lauderdale, FL — To help the body manage cells that no longer function optimally, Life Extension has launched Senolytic Activator®. The formula combines high-quality black tea theaflavins, plant-derived apigenin and ultra-absorbable forms of quercetin and bio-fisetin—powerful botanical nutrients known to help combat senescence or aging of cells.

Our health depends upon each of our cells’ healthy inner structures. But factors such as nutrient deficiencies, lack of regular exercise, aging and cellular stress caused by free radicals take a toll on our cells’ health and function, affecting our overall health in the long run.

As Life Extension’s Director of Education & Spokesperson, Michael A. Smith, MD, explained, Cellular senescence is a natural process in which cells stop dividing and undergo alterations that keep them from functioning optimally. When cells decline in function, they can accumulate and become a ‘burden’ to healthy cells, affecting day-to-day function. But the body has natural pathways of clearing and recycling these straggler cells; it’s the body’s way of managing cellular debris and senescent cells, he added.

And it’s precisely these pathways that Life Extension’s once-a-week supplement encourages. We updated our Senolytic Activator® by adding an advanced form of bioavailable fisetin that we discovered and developed in collaboration with scientists at Akay, said Dr. Andrew G. Swick, Life Extension's Chief Scientific Officer. This multi-nutrient supplement was designed to support health by targeting senescent cells and marks another innovative addition to our cellular health and longevity line.

Clinical research indicates that tea theaflavins and quercetin are excellent (senolytic) compounds that influence specific biological pathways that promote youthful cellular characteristics and encourage the body to manage senescent cells. A 2017 study published in Free Radical Biology & Medicine Journal showed that theaflavins, derived from black tea, significantly inhibited the accumulation of senescence biomarkers. In a 2018 study published in EBioMedicine, fisetin encouraged cellular debris clearing, allowing healthy cells to flourish. But while quercetin, fisetin and black tea theaflavins target senescent cells, they don’t always target all of them. According to Dr. Swick, that’s why Life Extension added potent antioxidant apigenin, which works by targeting any remaining senescent cells and supporting cellular and tissue health, a critical aspect of healthy aging.

The formula also features an innovative phytosome delivery system that ensures better absorption of flavonoids quercetin and fisetin, making them up to 50 and 25 times more bioavailable than their standard forms, respectively. This means the body can more readily access fisetin’s and quercetin’s many health benefits. Life Extension’s Senolytic Activator® comes in easy-to-swallow, gluten-free, vegetarian capsules.

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Senolytic Activator®

Combat cellular senescence

36 vegetarian capsules