Head Discomfort Got You in a Fog?

Head Discomfort Got You in a Fog?

Occasional head discomfort is common, and it has many different causes. Learn what you can do to keep your head happy and healthy. A lack of sleep, stress and feelings of hunger can all have an effect on head comfort. Learn how you can support your nervous system and sinus health to feel your best. Healthy lifestyle and diet also play key roles in maintaining optimal nervous system health and comfort.

Keeping the Brain in Shape

General Head Discomfort

A healthy diet, exercise, restful sleep, personal relationships and mental challenges all contribute to brain comfort.

Head Discomfort Information & Research

How do you relieve head pressure?

The first step is to determine the cause. If you’re experiencing a sense of pressure in your head, your sinuses might be involved. Seasonal immune reactions can cause a sensation of pressure behind your nose, cheeks, forehead and eyes. Many other factors could contribute, as well. If you experience a sudden sensation of pressure in your head, you should seek medical attention right away, especially if it is accompanied by localized discomfort.

What triggers head discomfort?

Common, mild discomfort in the head can be caused by a variety of factors. An immune response resulting from seasonal or environmental changes around you can cause head discomfort, as can inadequate fluid intake or hunger. Mild head discomfort could be related to low intakes of nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin D or B vitamins.

What are the different types of head discomforts?

There are several types of head discomfort. If you experience severe head discomfort that comes on very rapidly or instantly, you should immediately seek medical attention. Some kinds of head discomfort can be due to constriction or dilation of blood vessels in the brain. Other kinds may arise from inflammatory factors in the sinuses caused by seasonal or environmental changes. Sometimes, lack of sleep may contribute to head discomfort. Vision health can cause head discomfort, too. You should check with your doctor if you think your head discomfort is out of the ordinary.

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