Enjoy the Seasons with Immune Support

Enjoy the Seasons with Immune Support

Learn how to get seasonal immune support with vitamins and nutrients that help maintain immune system balance. Encourage your body’s healthy immune response to a changing environment with nutrients such as Reishi mushrooms, which promote the production of antioxidant enzymes that support the body’s natural immune defenses against free radicals. Vitamins and probiotics also help maintain a healthy immune system, as well as lifestyle choices and a healthy diet.

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Encourage the body’s healthy immune response to seasonal changes with vitamins, nutrients and plant compounds.

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How can I quickly boost my immune system?

The immune system is dynamic and designed to respond quickly to threats. When the body encounters one, a branch of the immune system called the innate immune system responds immediately. Select nutrients and herbs can support both of these immune pathways to help the body mount a response quickly and efficiently.

What are some of the best nutrients to take at first sign of immune challenges?

The sooner you can support your immune system, the better. Here are some top nutrients to consider: Beta-glucan has been shown to support immune-response. The Reishi mushroom and the herb andrographis paniculata have been shown to promote immune system function. For those who wish to strengthen their immune system during winter months or before travel, immune-supporting probiotic blends, vitamin D and plenty of vitamin C can help maintain health.

Why are we more susceptible when the weather changes?

When the temperature drops, so does the humidity, causing the mucous membranes in our nose, eyes and lungs to dry out. That mucus, along with an immune compound called secretory IgA, helps protect the body against foreign invaders. Without it, you’re more vulnerable than you would be during the summer months.

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