Keep Your Immune System Strong—All Year Long!

Keep Your Immune System Strong—All Year Long!

As the seasons change, so do challenges to your immune system. While all that time indoors can make the cold winter months a tricky time to navigate, the milder seasons bring their own annoyances as well. Be ready for whatever the world sends your way with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet that includes essential nutrients known for their power to shore up your body's natural defenses. Here are our top tips for bolstering your immune health, all year long.

  1. Zinc up your immune health

    Zinc is a powerful mineral that keeps your immune system strong, offering your body extra support when you're most concerned about staying healthy. Incorporating zinc into your wellness routine will help you be your best self, even in those especially challenging winter months.

  2. Vitamins for the win

    Essential vitamins C and D are immune health superstars. Vitamin C supports your overall immune system function and provides antioxidant protection to keep you healthy, and vitamin D, which you can get from sunlight, and offers many health benefits, including immune support. It can be tough to get enough of these vitamins from diet alone, though, so go the extra mile with targeted nutrition to make sure you're not selling yourself—or your health—short!

  3. Rest and recharge

    Make sure you are getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, so that the next day, you'll be able to operate at your best—and will have the strength to fight off any potential challenges. Hydration is also key. And eating an immune—friendly diet is both fun and delicious! Incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into your routine, like blueberries, strawberries, pecans, kale and even dark chocolate (yum!).

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How can I quickly support my immune system?

The immune system is dynamic and designed to respond quickly to threats. When the body encounters one, a branch of the immune system called the innate immune system responds immediately. Select nutrients and herbs can support both of these immune pathways to help the body mount a response quickly and efficiently.


What are some of the best nutrients to take at first sign of immune challenges?

The sooner you can support your immune system, the better. Here are some top nutrients to consider: Beta-glucan has been shown to support immune response. The Reishi mushroom and the herb andrographis paniculata have been shown to promote immune system function. For those who wish to support their immune system during winter months or before travel, immune-supporting probiotic blends, vitamin D and plenty of vitamin C can help maintain health.


How can you support the immune system when the weather changes?

Although some supplements, such as the herbs Cistanche, Tinospora cordifolia and Andrographis paniculata, reishi mushroom, pu-erh tea and others can help provide year-round immune support, they can also be used for seasonal immune support. Consuming daily zinc in the form of a lozenge that dissolves in the mouth and extra vitamin C may help support optimal immune health. Increased intake of vitamin D can also be considered during winter months. Blood testing for levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D can help guide supplementation levels. For additional support, look for probiotic/prebiotic supplements that target winter immune support.

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