Can't Breathe? Try Some Nasal Support

Can't Breathe? Try Some Nasal Support

Think about nutrition and lifestyle choices that support nasal health. Sometimes our bodies react to things like pollen, dust or pet dander. But probiotics and other compounds can help promote a healthy and comfortable immune response, as well as eye and nose comfort.

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Promote nasal comfort by supporting your immune system’s healthy response to the world around you.

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How do you support healthy nasal passages?

Certain probiotics, fermented Baker’s yeast, and extracts of the herbs butterbur and rosemary can help support healthy nasal passages.

How do you promote nasal comfort?

Warm showers, warm compresses, humidifiers and steam inhalations all support normal nasal function and comfort. Some individuals take the nutrient N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), which has been shown to support immune health, and the herb tinospora cordifolia, which can help inhibit inflammation to support a balanced immune response, thus supporting a healthy nasal cavity.

What is good for comforting your nasal passages?

Warm foods and drinks can help support nasal comfort, as well as spicy foods that loosen mucus in the nose. Compounds that promote a healthy inflammatory response, such as turmeric, may also support nasal comfort. Certain probiotic strains support nasal health which supports healthy air flow.

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