B12 Status Panel Combo Test

Item # LC100002

Monitor early stages of B12 deficiency before it becomes a health issue

B12 Status Panel Combo Test  - Life Extension

B12 Status Panel Combo Test

Item # LC100002

Monitor early stages of B12 deficiency before it becomes a health issue

This panel includes tests for blood vitamin B12 and folate and urinary methylmalonic acid (MMA), which aid in the diagnosis of central nervous system disorders and help guide supplementation levels.

This panel contains the following tests:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Urinary Methylmalonic Acid

B12 and folic acid blood testing help doctors diagnose central nervous system disorders, anemia, and malabsorption syndromes. B12 and folic acid also play an important role in energy level, muscle strength, and memory.

Primary food sources for B12 and folate include egg yolks, beef, poultry, and fish; which can leave people who do not consume these food sources, such as vegetarians, deficient in these important vitamins.

Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) found in the urine is often associated with the early stages of B12 deficiency. MMA may be ordered along with a homocysteine test, when a vitamin B12 deficiency is suspected. An MMA test also may be ordered as a follow-up to an elevated homocysteine level.


An 8 to 12 hour fast is required for this blood test. However, drink plenty of water and take your medications as prescribed. Additionally, a random urine sample will be collected as part of this panel. Avoid B12 and folate containing supplements for 12 hours preceding the test.

The laboratory services are for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of National Diagnostics, Inc and Life Extension to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health. Specific medical advice including diagnosis and treatment will not be provided. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Both the physician and the testing laboratory are independent contractors with whom National Diagnostics, Inc makes arrangements for your blood tests. Neither National Diagnostics, Inc or Life Extension will be liable for any acts or omissions of the physician, the testing laboratory, or their agents or employees.

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I needed a follow up blood test after a recent diagnosis and this was so quick and easy.


Effective. Gave me the info I was looking for.


I love that this panel includes both serum B12 and folate AND methylmalonic acid (MMA).


B12 Status Panel Combo Test


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