Gut Barrier Panel Finger Stick Test

Item # LC900004

Monitor intestinal barrier function and check for leaky gut.

Gut Barrier Panel Finger Stick Test

Gut Barrier Panel Finger Stick Test

Item # LC900004

Monitor intestinal barrier function and check for leaky gut.

The Gut Barrier Panel tests for key markers involved with regulating intestinal barrier function to determine if leaky gut may be a concern: Zonulin, Occludin, and Candida albicans.

A healthy intestinal lining provides a critical barrier to inflammatory substances, toxins, pathogenic microorganisms, and undigested proteins. When the intestinal lining does not function optimally, it becomes more permeable, increasing the risk of unwanted substances entering circulation, leading to inflammation, excess immune reactivity, and other health concerns. Diminished intestinal barrier function and excess permeability is often referred to as “leaky gut”.

The Gut Barrier Panel provides a simple way to assess the functional integrity of your gut lining, by measuring your immune system’s response to key markers involved with intestinal permeability.

IgG(1-4)/C3d and IgA(1-2) antibody responses are measured for the following markers:

Candida albicans

Immune response toward Candida albicans may indicate some degree of heightened intestinal permeability. It can be an early sign of leaky gut issues.


Zonulin is a protein involved with regulation of intestinal permeability via its effects on intercellular tight junctions. Positive reactivity toward zonulin, suggests excess gut permeability leading to increased zonulin uptake into circulation. Typically, it reflects an intermediate level of leaky gut issues.


Occludin is an enzyme involved with stabilization of intestinal tight junctions. As occludin does not typically enter circulation, positive reactivity toward occludin suggests a deterioration of tight junctions, allowing occludin to enter circulation. Typically, it reflects a later stage and/or chronic leaky gut situation.


This kit is provided as an at-home blood spot collection kit. Three circles must be fully saturated to provide sufficient blood volume for analysis. If you have trouble with the collection, please contact Life Extension for assistance.

Please ensure the included requisition form is completed and submitted with your sample to the laboratory. Samples received without a requisition form will be rejected.

Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks from date received.

Restrictions: No kits available in PA, AK, or HI.

Processing Lab: KBMO Diagnostics

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Gut Barrier Panel Finger Stick Test

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