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Issue: Jan 1996

The Melatonin Miracle

A new book pioneering melatonin scientists. A scientifically documented rundown of the evidence showing that melatonin produces multiple health and longevity benefits.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, on January 2021.


The Melatonin Miracle A New Book By Pioneering Melatonin Scientists

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The Life Extension Foundation has reviewed tens of thousands of published studies on therapies that may be able to slow the aging process. Melatonin has emerged as the single most effective substance yet discovered to improve the quality and quantity of life.

Melatonin is not only the most effective life extension therapy, but it is also the least expensive.

There are still many Foundation members who have yet to start taking melatonin because they think its primary use is for the treatment of insomnia. While melatonin is highly effective in treating 8 of 10 insomniacs, the disease preventing benefits of melatonin make it critically important for every Foundation member 40-45 years of age and older to take it.

To make it easier for those who don't have sleep problem to take melatonin, we've design a new lower-cost melatonin product that only contains 500 micrograms of melatonin per capsule (as opposed to the currently available 1, 3 and 10 mg capsules).Scientists who've conducted melatonin research have emphasized in several new books that healthy people who don't suffer from insomnia may only need 500 mcg of melatonin a night for optimal anti-aging benefits.

In order to persuade Foundation members 40-45 years of age and older (who have yet to try melatonin) to take this new 500 mcg. melatonin product, we offer bottles containing 200 capsules of 500 mcg of melatonin (with 99.9% pharmaceutical purity) that will last a single person more than six months!

If you're interested in learning how a bottle of low-dose melatonin could add so much to your life extension program, we strongly suggest that you read The Melatonin Miracle by two eminent scientists who've conducted pioneering research showing that low-dose melatonin can slow the aging process and prevent diseases.

A Best-Seller

The Life Extension Foundation has published more information about melatonin than about any other anti-aging therapy. The Melatonin Miracle contains a wealth of information about newly discovered benefits of melatonin that The Foundation has yet to write about. The Melatonin Miracle is written by Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Virgina, specialist in medical oncology and a leading researcher in the field of aging for over 20 years Williani Regelson, M.D. and Walter Pierpaolo, M.D., Ph.D., an international expert in the neuroendocrinology of aging and immunology.

The Melatonin Miracle (Simon and Schuster 1995) has been on theNew York Times bestseller list.

To order our new 200 capsule 500 mcg melatonin supplement or The Melatonin Miracle, call 1-800-841-5433 or use The Life Extension Buyers Club Order Form at the back of this magazine.


New Melatonin Delivery System For Insomnia

Many insomniacs obtain considerable benefit by taking 3-10 mg a night of melatonin, or by taking our new NATURAL SLEEP formula that combines 3 mg of melatonin with synergistic nutrients that further stabilize circadian rhythms and help the body convert dietary tryptophan into sleep-inducing serotonin.

However, everyone who suffers from insomnia is different, which is why we are introducing two new delivery systems to treat two different types of insomnia.

Difficulty In Falling Asleep

For insomniacs who can't get to sleep because they don't feel drowsy at bedtime, we offer a new sublingual (under the tongue) melatonin tablet. This fast-acting source of melatonin absorbs quickly to produce almost immediate drowsiness. Each tablet contains 3 mg of melatonin. Most insomniacs will benefit from taking one to two tablets an hour before bedtime.

Difficulty In Staying Asleep

For people who are able to fall asleep, but have difficulty in staying asleep, we've developed a new time-release melatonin product designed to duplicate the natural release of melatonin by the youthful pineal gland. Each time-release sublingual tablet contains 3 mg of melatonin. Insomniacs who can't stay asleep should use one to three tablets a night.

For people who have trouble getting and staying asleep, 1-2 sublingual melatonin tablets should be taken under the tongue within an hour before going to bed and 1-2 time-release melatonin tablets should be taken right before you go to bed. The sublingual tablets will quickly be absorbed to induce drowsiness, while the time-release melatonin will slowly secrete melatonin into your body to keep you asleep.

All melatonin supplements offered by The Life Extension Buyers Club, are comprised of pharmaceutical-grade melatonin (99.7% to l00% pure). This premium-grade melatonin costs us up to twice as much as the lower grades of melatonin now flooding the market, but we believe that members of The Foundation should only use the identical quality-grade melatonin used in the thousands of studies showing melatonin to be safe and effective in treating insomnia, cancer, jet lag, and a host of other conditions.

To order any of our melatonin supplements, call 1-800-544-4440 or use the Life Extension Buyers Club Order Form.