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What To Do About Codex

Practival information about how to fight against the moves planned by the Codex Commission.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.

What To Do About Codex?

By John Hamell
Political Coordinator, Life Extension Foundation

It is very important that you send a copy (or a variation) of my anti codex letter on the next page to: Dr. Robert Moore of the FDA Office of Special Nutritionals, HFS-456, 200 C. St.S.W., Washington, DC 20204, to both of your Senators and your Congressperson as well as to everyone on the Senate Labor Committee and the House Commerce Committee. (Refer to the US Congress Handbook.)

(If you don't yet have a copy of the US Congress Handbook, you badly need one because your health freedom may be dangling by a thread.

I'd like to emphasize that I take dietary supplements for medical reasons, and I am genuinely concerned for not only all LEF members, but for myself. Sixteen yeas ago I recovered from a life threatening illness via a suppressed alternative treatment and now the international drug cartel is trying to prevent me from having access to anything more than RDA doses of supplements or to force me to get them on the black market but I don't WANT a black market, and neither do YOU! A lot of LEF members would literally DIE under those conditions and I vow to do all in my power to defeat CODEX and the power behind it.

I know that by myself I can't win this war -- we need each other to beat Codex. We MUST reach out to people through our health food stores, to friends and relatives world wide. If you are on the internet, please send me email to "check in." My email address is I can send you an email copy of this article to post throughout Usenet and on BBSs in order to alert people as fast as possible before the next Codex meeting, which could come as early as early January 96. In Usenet if you don't know what newsgroups to post in, email me and I'll send you a list. It's especially important that you assist me in finding people abroad to help, especially in Germany. We are working closely with LEF European liason Ron Birckhead in Norway via email in order to monitor pending supplement legislation in those countries, and we are also workng closely with a growing number of Canadians.

As of this writing, LEF Attorney Suzanne Harris is carefully reviewing the British, German, and French Food, Drug and Cosmetic Acts in order to understand how supplements are treated under each act. She wants to understand the difference between prescription drug regulation and over the counter regulation, as well as whether or not government insurance pays for the purchase of any vitamins or herbs or pays for any alternative medical treatments whereby supplements are recommended, If we are to stop the international drug cartel from crushing our freedom, we will need to understand these fine points, and Harris will need to conduct a Think Tank to see where things could head and what we as a group must to retain our freedom. It will take money to conduct this Think Tank, and we are soliciting emergency donations.

Use my Codex threat as a way to illustrate the dire need to pass HR 1951 and to get a Senate companion bill however we can't lose sight of Codex as an even BIGGER threat looming on the horizon, which Congress has a very limited ability to do anything about at this point. We must be creative in working out ways to derail Codex such as by alerting friends, and family abroad ASAP. If you have any good foreign contacts for me, please provide email, phone, fax and street addresses doing with any details that would help us network with that person. PLEASE: Send the letter on the following page to Dr. Moore at FDA, Congress, and network it to your friends.

If you must, camp out in front of your health food store with a coffee table and hand out copies of my information. Get the storekeepers to bagstuff the information.

Please DO NOT Act on the Following Letter.
Instead join us in our continuing fight for your Health Care Freedom by showing your support for HR 2868 the "Consumer Health Free Speech Act"

send to Dr. Robert Moore, Office of Special Nutritionals, HFS-456, 200 C St. S.W., Washington, DC 20204, and to both your Senators and your Congressional representative. Do NOT send this letter to LEF!

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Dear Senators, Congresspersons, and Dr, Moore:

I am writing to inform you that I totally oppose the German delegation's proposal to the Codex Alimentarious Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses.

The German proposal would nearly end my access to dietary supplements in the United States by defining certain nutrients as dangerous and will set maximum dosage limits for commonly consumed nutrients. Scores of dietary supplements that I have consumed for years will no longer be available to me, as the major pharmaceutical companies take over the dietary supplement industry, Since no supplement will be able to be sold for therapeutic or preventive reasons, manufacturers will not be able to advertise the numerous health benefits of taking dietary supplements. This ban runs contrary to U.S. law, and is prohibited by the first amendment to the United States Constitution.

I want you to know that I am angered that the U.S. gave away so much of our sovereignty as a nation by signing the GATT treaty, and that I am a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution.

BE AWARE that I am distributing this letter to every health food store in my area. Furthermore, that I am linking up with people around the U.S. who are concerned about OTHER freedom Issues, because I WILL NOT tolerate ANY MORE incursions on my FREEDOM! Be aware that I intend to go on radio, TV and the Internet to spread word of this total outrage, Be aware that I am getting a copy of the Knowledge = Freedom Directory in order to help me network with others. (2790 Wrondel Way, #41, Reno NV 89602.) I strongly urge that you do everything in your power to oppose the Codex Commission in this matter, and strongly urge that you write to tell me EXACTLY what you intend to do to rectify this terrible problem.


Letter prepared for my convenience by John C. Hammell, legislative advocate, Life Extension Foundation Political Office 1534 Polk Street, Hollywood, FL 33020 Phone: 1-800-333-2553 Fax: 1-305-929-0507 E-mail (Political Office): Internet: E-mail (Main Office):