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Natural Therapy For Fatigue and Anxiety

A new European fish extract that's being used as a replacement for FDA approved drugs such as Xanax and Valium.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.


A Natural Therapy for Stress, Fatigue and Anxiety

In today's high pressure world, it's not surprising that many people many people suffer from chronic stress and fatigue, including associated conditions such as anxiety, phobias, and depression.

Adapton Vast numbers of Americans use FDA-approved drugs for chronic stress and fatigue. These drugs have adverse side effects and often fail to address the anxiety, phobias, irritability, depression, and learning dysfunction associated with stress and fatigue.

Europeans and Japanese are increasingly turning to a natural alternative to toxic drugs to alleviate chronic stress and fatigue. One of these products is now being used by innovative medical doctors in the United States in place of the FDA-approved drugs Xanax, Prozac, and Buspar.

Modern-Day Stress

Until the middle of the this century the vast majority of Americans engaged in hard physical labor to earn a living. However, with the advent of the computer and automation, this trend has been reversed. Today we depend far less on physical labor and far more on mental labor, which has had profound effects on our neuroendocrine and immune systems. As a result we are in the midst of an epidemic of psychological and emotional dysfunction induced by chronic stress (or distress), leading to rampant anxiety, phobias, depression, and fatigue.

Diseases Associated With Stress

A host of diseases have been associated with chronic stress; As early as 1936, European scientists were investigating the damaging effects of stress on the body.

In 1950, Prof. Hans Selye published a paper in which he described the numerous physical effects that stress produces within the body including endocrine dysfunction, immune dysfunction, inflammatory reactions,intestinal disorders, and blood vessel damage.

Today's research confirms these earlier findings about the physical damage that stress inflicts upon the body The epidemic of stress-induced physical and psychological orders is why drugs to treat anxiety and depression are the most widely prescribed class of drugs in the United States.

A Low-Cost European Alternative

There is a species of deep sea fish called garum armoricum, whose only known habitat off the coast of England. An extract from this fish (sold under the trade name Adapton) is being used widely throughout Europe and Japan for the treatment of a wide range of stress-induced disorders.

Garum was originally used for medicinal purposes early in the history of the Celts. In 1970, Garum was first investigated scientifically, as controlled clinical trials were undertaken. Here are the findings of some of these trials.

Clinical Trials For Chronic Fatigue

A study was conducted on 20 patients who had been ill with various forms of chronic fatigue from one-to-three months. Patients were registered and information collected in accordance with the protocol of the European Fatigue Study Group, which includes scales to measure anxiety depression, muscle fatigue, mental fatigue, deep disorders, and headache

Four placebo capsules were given to these patients daily during the first two weeks of the study Then four capsules garum extract were given daily for the next two weeks of the study.

After two weeks on placebo, fatigue symptoms were reduced by an average of 14% and overall symptoms of anxiety depression, and insomnia were reduced by 4%.

After two weeks of taking garum extract, on the other hand, fatigue symptoms were reduced by 51% and overall symptoms by 65%! Two weeks after discontinuing garum extract therapy fatigue symptoms increased 15% and overall symptoms increased 7%. These results show the broad-spectrum benefits of garum extract for people suffering from chronic stress and fatigue. It is interesting to note that the beneficial effects garum extract persisted even after the treatment was stopped.

Another study involved 40 patients who had been suffering from various forms of chronic fatigue for one-to-three months . Four capsules of garum extract per day was described for two weeks.

The results, based on the Fatigue Study Group criteria, showed an average benefit of 50% for the ten functions that most accurately measure fatigue and depression. The table below is a reproduction of the data from this study:



Clinical Trial For Anxiety

In a study of 60 pafients taking garum extract, only three mild reactions were noted without the necessity of interrupting the treatment. The reactions were: one case of nervous irritation, one case of heartburn, and one case diarrhea. No emotional tension or insomnia was reported and it was concluded that garum extract is extremely well tolerated and is without contraindications.

In a soon to be published study on the treatment of anxiety in college students, garum extract was shown to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety in otherwise healthy subject.

Other studies are showing that when garum extract reduces anxiety it results in improved learning, including enhanced EEC (Electroencephalogram) brain wave activity.

General Conclusions

Garum extract benefits 90% of patients with chronic stress and fatigue compared to only 30% of patients on placebo. An analysis of all the human clinical studies of garum extract to date shows overall positive results in the treatment of the symptoms of chronic stress, including fatigue, anxiety and depression.

How Does Garum Extract Work?

The extraction and standardization of garum produces a class of polypeptides that exert a regulatory effect on the nervous system that enables the organism to better adapt to stressful conditions. Garum is comprised of unique pep- tides which act as precursors to endorphins and other neurotransmitters that improve our ability to adapt to mental and physical stress

Garum extract also contains an omega-3 essential fatty acid complex that enhances prostaglandins and prostacyclin-the chemical mediators that regulate I major biological functions in the body Omega 3 extract is thought to contribute to the stress-reducing effects of this European therapy.

An antioxidant complex of vitamin E, selenium and amino acids is added to neutralize free radicals formed in response to the omega-3 and omega-6 essential acids contained in garum extract(Adapton).

Who Should Try Adapton

If you suffer from chronic stress-induced anxiety fatigue, or depression, Adapton could provide you with substantial relief. Studies are being conducted to see if the stress reducing effects of Adapton improve concentration and learning abilities in people of all ages. Hyperactive children with learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder are being treated successfully with Adapton in Europe in place of drugs like Ritalin.

For those taking anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax, Valium, and Buspar or antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Adapton may be an effective low cost alternative, and free of the side effects associated with these FDA-approved drugs.

Although studies have shown that garum extract relieves depressive symptoms associated with chronic stress and fatigue, it may not be effective for clinical depression and bipolar manic-depression. Anyone with these disorders who wishes to try using Adapton should do so under the supervision of a physician with expertise in these fields.

Recommended Dosage

Four capsules of Adapton should be swallowed on an empty stomach in the morning for 15 consecutive days. After two weeks, the dose should be reduced to two capsules every morning. If complete relief is obtained, Adapton can be discontinued until symptoms return, but most people only stop for a week before starting a maintenance dose of two capsules a day. Some people take 2-3 Adapton capsules every other day.

There is no toxicity risk in taking Adapton everyday at these dosages, although it doesn't have to be taken everyday to work. Most people experiment until they find a personal dosage regimen that works best for them.

How To Obtain Adapton

Life Extension has imported the identical garum extract product sold in Europe Japan under the trade name Adapton, and can be ordered on-line.


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