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Long Hot Summer And Your Vitamins

Evidence that CoQ10 and other nutrients can withstand exposure to heat.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.


The Long Hot Summer and Your Vitamins

A lot of "hot" packages of supplements were received last summer by members who were concerned that the heat might affect the stability of the nutrients in these supplement.

In one case, a shipment of CoQ10 was exposed to extremely high temperatures for an extended period. The member asked us to replace the CoQ10 with an overnight delivery which we did gladly We asked the member to mail us the CoQ10 for analysis. The Coenzyme Q10 was exposed even more heat by the time we received it from the member. We then sent this bottle off to an independent assay laboratory for analysis.

As you can see from the following report, there was no deterioration of the Coenzyme Q10, despite greater than normal heat exposure:

We have been assured by the pharmaceutical suppliers of the premium ingredients contained in every product we recommend that the nutrients they manufacture are designed to withstand long exposure to the inevitable high temperatures that occur during summer shipping.

The Freshest Supplements in The World

Our distribution system insures that the nutrient products you trust your life to are the freshest in the world.

First of all, all raw materials are stored in a fury at conditioned storage area. The manufacturing of these raw materials into finished products is conducted in a fully climate controlled facility. The final product is then stored immediately in a cool, fully air-conditioned warehouse and shipped from this facility directly to you. The nutrient supplements you order are often produced just days before you receive them.

Compare this to typical health food store products that are first made by a vitamin manufacturer often long distances from the shipping point and then warehoused (sometimes in an air conditioned facility sometime not) to wait for an order from a distributor. When ordered by a distributor the products are then shipped and warehoused by the distributor (sometimes air-conditioned, sometimes not). When ordered by a health food store, the distributor then ships the products to the store, where they are put on a shelf, to sit until you buy the products.