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Issue: May 1999

Whey Chocolate

The Ways of Whey-all that a new delicious flavor!

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, on January 2021.

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Chocolate Whey Protein In addition to potentially boosting immune function, lactoferrin has been shown to have anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. In the digestive tract, lactoferrin may help stimulate intestinal cell growth and enhance the "good," intestinal microflora. Lactoferrin also scavenges free iron in the body, preventing uncontrolled iron-based free radical reactions and protects certain cells from lipid peroxidation.

Enhanced Life Extension Protein contains 100% whey isolates-made by employing the low temperature, cross flow microfiltration (CFM) technique-with added lactoferrin. In fact, Enhanced Life Extension Protein has up to 300% more lactoferrin than other whey protein supplements on the market. While lactoferrin's benefits alone would incite any health-craving individual to supplement with Enhanced Life Extension Protein, the benefits of whey protein make it essential.

In the past whey protein was popular among body builders and health enthusiasts as an anti-catabolic supplement to build lean body mass. Whey protein was then found to boost immune function, inhibit cancer cell proliferation, increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and protect against free-radical damage. Cancer and AIDS patients now use it to protect against catabolic wasting syndrome.

More recently scientists found that administering amino acid mixtures increased net muscle protein synthesis. This occurred by increasing amino acid transport in muscle cells which, in turn, stimulated muscle protein synthesis in elderly people. The study, published in the May 1998 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, concluded that amino acid administration results in a net protein deposition, and restores youthful anabolic metabolism at the cellular level.

Previously available in vanilla flavor, Enhanced Life Extension Protein now comes in a chocolate flavor as well. Both contain high amounts of calcium, low amounts of sodium and added Bioferrin™, a 95% pure bioactive form of lactoferrin. The suggested dose for the healthy is one scoop per day. For treating a disorder related to nutritional deficiency, the suggested dose is one and a half to two scoops per day. Body builders and other athletes may take two to four scoops on a daily basis.