Life Extension Magazine®

Issue: Mar 2000

A Breath of Fresh Air

The enormous success and acceptance of MISTORAL Mouth Spray has created, by request, a treatment spray containing hydrogen peroxide and other potent antimicrobials.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, on January 2021.

The enormous success and acceptance of MISTORAL Mouth Spray has created, by request, a treatment spray containing hydrogen peroxide and other potent antimicrobials: MISTORAL II™ (patent pending). This new formula targets more serious oral detriments and creates a climate favorable to general health, while addressing mouth and gum resuscitation, gingivitis and tooth decay. An additional bonus is the spray's ability to sweeten the breath and add whitening power to your dental regimen.

Formulated by Donal Joseph Carter Ph.D., originator of the original MISTORAL, this new spray is the only one on the market that uses 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Safe and effective, MISTORAL II reduces swelling, redness and bleeding, provides overall pain control, and has been long tested by scientists throughout the country. The noted Dr. Edward Carl Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic, in conjunction with other top physicians, believes that many diseases are usually caused by a virus or streptococcus, and that these microorganisms initiate colonies and live and thrive in the mouth and throat. Dr. Weston Price says the areas most commonly affected by this bacteria are the heart and circulatory system-as many as 90% of the cases involving damage to heart valves and endocarditis are directly related to streptococcal infections. These scientists and dozens of others recently editorialized agree that most of the periodontal diseases caused by this bacteria can be eliminated by available antibacterial agents. The safest and one of the most effective of these is hydrogen peroxide. Antibiotic treatment, the alternative route, is dangerous and creates a host of nonresponsive pathogens to the treatment.

MISTORAL II's next key ingredient in the super infection fight is green tea. Acting through different pathways, this epidemiological wonder lowers the risk of various cancers, including lung and mouth, is anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective and has neuroprotective and antimicrobial action. Ivy Greenwell, in her incisive article on green tea in a previous issue of Life Extension, mentions the antibacterial properties of green tea polyphenols and the finding that these compounds inhibit the growth and adherence of oral bacteria. Green tea extract has been found to strongly inhibit periodontal causing bacterium, porphyromonas and decay causing bacteria such as streptococcus salivarius and streptococcus mutans. They can be inhibited completely by sufficient contact with green tea polyphenols.

The inclusion of lipoic acid in MISTORAL II was chosen because of its scientific evaluation as a powerful antioxidant in the antioxidant defense network. It boosts levels of glutathione, a key element in ridding the body and mouth of toxins. Alpha lipoic acid is a chelator of toxic metals (cadmium, lead, and mercury... often used in fillings), and because of it's small molecular size, it works both inside and outside the cell membrane and easily gets into the gum wall.

Camu camu (astringent/antioxidant/anti-inflammatory) has the highest ascorbic acid content on the planet... 30 to 100% more than orange. This South American fruit also carries high properties of beta carotene in a mineral base. Another plus of this wonderful rain forest product is its ready absorbability in the mouth. It can strengthen blood vessels and has a unique tart fresh taste.

MISTORAL II also includes vitamin K1 as a specific bleeding gum therapy, major tooth preservative and gum support facilitator, as well as the wonderful propolis extract, a high potency natural antibiotic that reduces gum inflammation. Eucalyptol oil and menthol have the ability to antiseptically clean and stimulate. And the long history of aloe vera and it's capacity to blend so beautifully with herbs led the manufacturer to include it in the spray. It is gentle and effective.

MISTORAL II's echinacea/chaparral/pau d'arco combination overcomes inflammation, is antimicrobial, works on inflamed gums, and with myrrh oil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, tightens gums and prevents pyorrhea. As a team, they kill the bacteria that are the root cause of gum disease, and have been known to tighten loose teeth.

Gotu kola and vitamin E prevent free radical damage to gums and mucus membranescaused by infections and abrasions. MISTORAL II also includes calendula, red thyme oil, tea tree oil, chamomile and golden seal to close any infective and anti-inflammatory gaps. Nowhere else can you find such herbal armor. Parsley, lemon grass extract and spearmint oil freshen and stimulate the mouth, and lend MISTORAL II it's natural healing taste.