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Issue: Nov 2004

Inside America's Prisons, Membership Benefits of Life Extension

On prison health care and benefits of Life Extension membership.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, on January 2021.

LE Magazine November 2004
Inside America's Prisons, Membership Benefits of Life Extension

The Health of America’s Prisons

As a practitioner, and as chairman of the board of the Federal Prison Policy Project, I truly appreciate your bringing an overview of the problems with the current penology system to the attention of your readers (Life Extension, August 2004). You have done a fine job, and you have our congratulations and thanks.

Dr. Gary Erkfritz, Federal Prison Policy Project
Newbury Park, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prison articles. American prisons and jails are one subject on which I am an expert. I can readily attest to much of what you have written, and I also learned some things that I did not already know.

Interestingly, polls show that an overwhelming percentage of Californians now favors the repeal of the “three strikes” law they enacted about 10 years ago. They are now expected to repeal it this November. Not only has it proved to be unfair and draconian, but it has literally brought the state to the brink of bankruptcy.
Keep up your great work.
Peter H. Christiansen

I congratulate you and your staff for making this much-needed effort toward advocacy journalism and for calling for reform of our criminal justice system.

Gibson Gray, PhD
Lumberton, NC

Congratulations on your prison articles! The effects of penal excess and injustice on our mental and physical well-being can hardly be overemphasized. I was therefore both pleased and surprised to see the attention you gave to this issue.

I was taken aback, however, when I came to the little tale about the itinerant roofer. Now 78 years old, I’ve devoted the past 60 years to a study of the prejudicial treatment that working people, women, and minorities have received in both professional and popular media. This appears to be as true today in Western society as it was 2,500 years ago. I've known many a roofer who takes pride in the product of his hands and skill, and I’ve met more than a few lawyers who willingly and knowingly serve malevolent causes. Who do you suppose contributes more to the general health and well-being, the roofer or the lawyer?

Burt “Daz” Alpert
via email

Keep Up the Good Work

I’ve been a member of Life Extension for about a year and just had to write and let you know how I feel.

I have a voracious appetite for all things new in the field of natural and alternative medicine. Your organization is unique in that I learn something new every time I read my Disease Prevention and Treatment book or your monthly magazine. I’ve joined many different health organizations and subscribed to many different health magazines. Usually I’m so disappointed in the content that I end up canceling my subscription.

I’m currently reading the August issue of Life Extension and am so happy with it. I encourage you to continue your research and keep up the good work. Thank you.

Judy Miller
Newnan, GA

I am 90 years old and I give much credit to the Life Extension Foundation for having reached this age. Aside from my daily intake of 60 capsules, I benefit from the education I receive from your foundation in evaluating the latest medical information and arranging my lifestyle accordingly.

Johannes Manczyk
Lakewood, OH


We regret that we omitted the name of contributor Gary Rothbard, MD, in the article “Innovative Research and Applications for CoQ10” (Life Extension, August 2004). Our apologies to the contributor and our readers for this oversight.