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How to Obtain the Lowest Prices on Your Supplement Purchases

With the commencement of the 20th annual winter Super Sale, members can purchase state-of-the-art dietary supplements at extra-discounted prices. When buying from the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, consumers have assurance that the quality of the products is backed by the organization’s commitment to achieving an indefinitely extended life span.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.

20th Annual Winter Super Sale

We are pleased to announce our 20th annual winter SUPER SALE. During this special event, members can purchase our most advanced supplement formulas at extra-discounted prices.

When consumers buy products from the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, they have assurance that the quality of the product is backed by the organization’s commitment to achieving an indefinitely extended life span.

During the SUPER SALE, members can purchase premium-grade nutrients at prices below those charged by commercial companies. This enables members to obtain products they can trust and still obtain discounted prices.

Life Extension members always receive a 25% discount off the retail price. The big savings occur when members purchase multiple bottles. For instance, when four or ten bottles of a product are purchased, the savings can exceed 50%!

The discounts on some products are so substantial that members are able to obtain them at prices below what most consumers pay for comparable items. Not only do Life Extension members save substantial dollars, but they also gain access to the most technologically advanced formulations.

A review of the products described in this Special Edition of Life Extension Magazine reveals enhancements that have been made to many of the formulations you are already taking. For example, a unique form of vitamin B6 called pyridoxamine has been added to Life Extension Mix™ and Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer.

Life Extension has added scientifically proven new ingredients to many existing formulations so that members have convenient access to a comprehensive life extension program. What’s more, Foundation members can now obtain more nutrients at substantial savings during the 20th Annual Super Sale.

Super Savings on the new Life Extension Mix™

The New Life Extension Mix™

Life Extension Mix provides 93 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts at a fraction of the price of taking these nutrients individually. As you will see in the next couple of pages, Life Extension Mix has been upgraded to include the potent anti-glycating nutrient pyridoxamine.

The cost of taking all these nutrients separately would be astronomical, but members can obtain the full dose of Life Extension Mix for as little as $1.34 per day if they buy during the Super Sale. On a “cost-per-milligram” basis, Life Extension Mix provides much more potency for far less money than commercial formulas.

Here is how members can obtain Life Extension Mix at below wholesale prices:

The retail price of a five-week supply of the new Life Extension Mix (315 tablets) is $98. The member price for one bottle during the SUPER SALE is $66.15.

If a member buys four bottles, the price is reduced $58.05 per bottle. When a member buys ten bottles during the Super Sale, the price goes down to just $46.91 per bottle. Since each bottle lasts for five weeks, that means that ten bottles last for almost one year!

Members save up to 52% off the retail price of Life Extension Mix during the Super Sale. Life Extension Mix provides more health-maintaining nutrients than any other nutrient formula in the world. This year’s Super Sale begins November 24, 2008.