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Cells expressing youthful qualities from a critical cellular enzyme

Restore Youthful Cellular Metabolism

Researchers have discovered a cellular enzyme that facilitates fat removal and extends life span. For the fi rst time, we can re-activate this critical enzyme in a practical way that moves us closer to gaining control over destructive aging processes.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in May 2022. Written by: William Faloon.

William Faloon
William Faloon

Just before a major medical advance occurs, there is a rapid series of discoveries that radically alter the scientific landscape.

We are on the verge of such a tectonic change.

Doctors may soon recommend that virtually all patients boost a cellular enzyme in order to delay and reverse pathological aging.

We expect this anti-aging approach will become as common as a doctor washing his hands between other words universally accepted.

UCLA Biologists Corroborate This Anti-Aging Strategy

UCLA Biologists Corroborate This Anti-Aging Strategy  

This issue of Life Extension® is dedicated to educating members about an enzyme in our cells called AMPK. When activated, AMPK induces profound anti-aging effects.

Before we could even finish this issue, biologists at UCLA published the results of a study showing that when AMPK is activated in one part of an organism, there is a systemic slowing of aging throughout the entire body, including the brain.

They showed that AMPK activation enables cells to discard old/damaged cellular components through a process called “autophagy.” By getting rid of this “cellular garbage” before it destroys cells, autophagy protects against aging.

Activated AMPK facilitates the efficient removal of cellular debris that scientists believe is an underlying cause of neurodegenerative and other age-related diseases.

The most exciting finding of this study was that in response to activating AMPK in only one organ of fruit flies, life span increased by 30%!

We’ve long encouraged Life Extension members to take steps to systemically activate AMPK. The incredible news is that there’s finally an effective means for everyone to induce these robust age-reversal benefits in their own body.

Anti-Aging Benefit Of Metformin Now Available To All

Anti-Aging Benefit Of Metformin Now Available To All  

Metformin may be the most effective compound humans can take today to combat degenerative disease. Its primary mechanism is to activate AMPK!

We recommended metformin over 20 years ago based on findings that it might reverse certain aging processes. Metformin was approved in England as a diabetes treatment in 1958. The FDA did not approve it until 1994. The death toll caused by the regulatory delay in approving metformin is incalculable.

Life Extension has published dozens of articles showing that metformin may prevent and treat certain cancers, in addition to helping reverse insulin resistance and excess belly fat. While a number of our members have obtained a metformin prescription, most can’t gain access to it because their doctor won’t prescribe it for anything except type II diabetes.

What makes metformin unique has been its ability to activate AMPK and to “turn on” youthful controls over cellular functions­—analogous to what happens during calorie restriction.

Benefits Of Enhanced Cellular Energy

Benefits Of Enhanced Cellular Energy  

Youthful cell metabolism results in glucose and fatty acids being converted to energy instead of stored as body fat. It also enables cells to dispose of accumulated “cellular junk” that contributes to inflammation.

Cancer hates metformin’s uptick in energy efficiency. That’s because in the process of increasing cellular metabolic activity, favorable gene expression changes occur that help destroy malignancies.

Members who have managed to obtain metformin should stay on this drug. For those who are challenged to obtain metformin, or encounter one its side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, there are now plant extracts that produce the same increase in energy efficiency (AMPK activation) as metformin.

You’re going to read about these new plant extracts on the next page of this special winter 2015 edition of Life Extension magazine.

New Age-Reversal Programs

Another advance has been reached in our ability to understand and reverse age-related pathological processes. Over the next two months, you will be introduced to the most aggressive clinical programs in human history to significantly reverse immune senescence. In the process of restoring immune function, whole body longevity benefits have been observed.

We are at a historic juncture where we must protect against every senescent factor that makes us sitting ducks for premature debility and death. Most of you already follow a comprehensive anti-aging program.

If you are not currently taking metformin or practicing calorie restriction, I urge you to initiate the new AMPK Activator formula described in this issue. It fills an important gap in our quest to vanquish the mechanisms that underlie pathological aging.

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For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon