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Your Personal Team Of Health Advisors…

Life Extension® offers, at no cost, a highly trained team of medical doctors, nutritionists, cancer specialists, chiropractors, nurses, and naturopathic doctors who are available to answer your personal health questions based on scientific studies.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Michael Downey, Health & Wellness Author.

Just A Phone Call Away!

When a question arises about a personal health issue, most people have nowhere to turn for a rapid and accurate response.

To resolve this information deficit, Life Extension® provides a team of knowledgeable experts ranging from medical doctors, naturopaths, and other practitioners to help bring clarity to one’s health concerns.

These health advisors are available at no charge to answer questions on any health topic.

Whether you want the latest information on how fish oil can be used to support cognitive function, have a question regarding a blood test, or want to learn about the implications of a persistent inflammatory issue, the Life Extension Health Advisor service can provide prompt research-backed answers—at no charge!

Too often, people feel their doctor does not spend enough time explaining their particular condition or what lifestyle changes they can pursue to improve their state of wellbeing.1 Or, they read a news report and are interested in learning more about how the new finding applies to their personal health.

Life Extension Health Advisors tackle these questions and thousands more using the latest published scientific information. This free advisory service is a critical component of Life Extension’s mission to educate maturing individuals about how to live a longer, healthier life.

Life Extension offers free access to medical doctors, nutritionists, cancer specialists, chiropractors, nurses, and naturopathic doctors with no appointment needed­—all just a phone call away.

Optimize Your Health Program

Optimize Your Health Program  

Most commercial supplement companies sell a bottle of pills and that’s where their “service” stops!

If you have ever tried to contact one of these companies, you’ve probably discovered that it is difficult if not impossible to get information beyond what’s printed on the label. This can make it challenging to develop a comprehensive program to address your whole health concerns.

That’s not the case at Life Extension. Customers are fully supported by a battery of trained professionals who know their research, including the most recent studies, and who are committed to helping consumers achieve optimal longevity.

Those who call Life Extension are pleasantly surprised that a live person usually answers and there are no recorded menus that mandate multiple “buttons” be pushed to reach the right department. Callers to Life Extension aren’t told to read the label again in response to a question about a product, and all messages for more sophisticated assistance receive a call back.

Life Extension believes that total “support” is essential for successful human longevity. That’s why knowledgeable health advisors are available to assist consumers at a level that is unheard of in the commercial marketplace.

How Even Simple Information Saves Lives

Lifesaving data published in the peer-reviewed medical journals is not always incorporated into conventional medical practice. The tragic result is that people needlessly die because simple-to-implement treatments are overlooked by hurried physicians.

Take a diagnosis of colon cancer for instance. There is strong data in the published literature to show that the proper use of an over-the-counter drug called cimetidine can improve survival rates up to 6-fold.

In order to duplicate the successful clinical studies, cimetidine should be taken five days before and up to a year after surgery is performed to remove the primary colon tumor. Once metastasis of the colon tumor cells occurs to the liver, lungs, and/or brain, cimetidine is of little value.

What few people understand is that in response to surgery, there is a reduction in immune function that increases risks of metastasis. Taking steps to bolster immune health prior to surgery, such as using the drug cimetidine can make a substantial difference in one’s ability to achieve a favorable treatment outcome. (Cimetidine has other anticancer mechanisms to help thwart metastasis.)

Upon diagnosis of any cancer, one call to a Life Extension Health Advisor could result in suggestions a patient can discuss with their oncologist that can markedly improve survival outcomes.

Highly Personalized And Detailed Answers

Some people may hesitate to call the Life Extension advisory service, wondering whether the answers to their questions might be too technical or not fully geared to their highly specific situation.

According to Dr. Scott Fogle, Director of Clinical Information and Laboratory Services, “They should banish those thoughts…we are here to help and really want our customers to make the best decisions with regard to their health.

“Many calls start off with the words, ‘I’m confused. There are so many supplements, I’m not sure what I should take’ or ‘I don’t understand how to change my diet to reduce my blood sugar,’ says Dr. Fogle. “We tackle a wide range of topics from people who have questions about their health and how to improve it. We want to provide scientifically based information and suggestions to help empower people to make more informed choices and have more meaningful discussions with their doctors.”

Calls typically come from consumers with no science training at all who are looking for individualized health advice, for help interpreting a recent diagnosis, or have questions about selecting the appropriate supplement for their particular situation. They are eager for impartial, science-based information so that they can better understand how to move forward with their particular health strategy.

On the other hand, some calls come from doctors and scientists seeking up-to-the-minute, highly technical information on visionary trends in the world of medicine. Oftentimes, these physicians are calling on behalf of a patient. In certain situations, they want information on a specific blood test, supplement, drug, or hormone that they feel would be helpful for their patient. For example, they may have a patient with high triglyceride levels and want the latest studies on what dose of fish oil can most effectively lower triglycerides.

“Our health advisors are trained to handle either situation,” says Dr. Fogle. “We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and part of that great service is being able to speak with the person at their level. We want people to walk away with clarity about their health question. No one should ever feel they don’t know enough to call our advisors—the medical and scientific world is full of jargon that is challenging to wade through, but our advisors are here to help [consumers] with that and more.

“The objective of our advisors is to help empower a person with knowledge,” Fogle continues. “We make the best suggestions possible to help someone. The health of our customers is our priority.”

What You Need To Know
Your Own Team Of Expert Health Advisors

Your Own Team Of Expert Health Advisors

  • Life Extension magazine reports cutting-edge medical evidence first—but the details of your health situation are unique.
  • Will certain supplements interfere with your prescription drugs? Could one supplement replace the several you now take? Do you need an expert to explain a new diagnosis from your own doctor—or to review your lab results?
  • Health-conscious individuals need individualized answers to specific health questions that their own doctors do not have the time or ability to answer.
  • Life Extension provides you with cost-free access to highly trained medical doctors, nutritionists, cancer specialists, chiropractors, nurses, and a naturopathic doctor—all just a toll-free phone call away at 1-866-864-3027, every day of the year.

Benefits Of Using Our Health Advisory Service

Most callers are seeking more holistic approaches to their health concerns and seem to feel that the current medical system does not sincerely care about their individual needs—and instead puts them on one-size-fits-all prescription medications. Furthermore, physicians often don’t have up-to-date knowledge about supplements or how nutrition can benefit particular health conditions.

“Our advisors have detailed knowledge of individual nutrients and special-purpose formulations, enabling them to answer specific questions on topics such as timing, allergens, and how the nutrient may interact with other supplements or drugs,” says Fogle. “For example, they can explain how to time your consumption of fiber to be separate from the intake of certain nutrients or the benefits of specific nutrients.”

Advisors often explain what nutrient or formulation is best for each caller’s needs—taking into account the individual’s key lifestyle factors. Life Extension advisors provide a powerful tool to facilitate positive change.

“Our advisors are trained to ask questions and understand each caller’s unique health condition so as to provide them with the information they need. It’s amazing the changes that we see people make in their lives after speaking to our advisors. People call us back all the time to let us know how they have benefited from the suggestions they received on the phone,” says Fogle. “We encourage the caller to present the scientific evidence to their doctor and have a meaningful discussion with him or her. Interestingly, we have found that a person’s physician will often take more time to discuss details of a diagnosis or a treatment with patients who are armed with scientific studies and knowledge.”

Life Extension customers utilize health advisors to learn more about their personal options regarding a wide range of health-related topics. The ability to tap into this wealth of information helps keep customers the best informed health enthusiasts in the world.

In a typical day, an advisor might help a customer to find the best nutrients to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, clarify a question about cholesterol management, and assist in deciding what blood tests to order. Advisors also field questions about articles in Life Extension magazine and provide additional information on specific nutrient formulas mentioned.

Tips For Visiting Your Doctor

Life Extension magazine reports each month on numerous studies that have shown a positive correlation between certain nutrients, hormones, drugs, and diet and reduced risk of disease. But even the healthiest individuals occasionally need to visit their doctor about a condition. When this happens, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Give your doctor a complete list of the supplements and medications you’re taking. If your doctor is not knowledgeable about herbs and other natural products, he or she may not be the best doctor for you. And yet all doctors learn from experience—armed with our reports and cited studies, you may even be able to teach your doctor about various natural options.
  • Prepare questions for your doctor beginning with the most important questions first. This way, you’ll be sure to get the information you need.
  • Bring a list of symptoms if you are not feeling well. Include anything that is out of the ordinary. Doctors are highly educated, but they are not mind readers.
  • If you need help understanding medical terminology or if you tend to avoid confrontations, bring along a friend or family customer for support.
  • Never withhold information—even if you find it embarrassing or uncomfortable. Doctors are professionals and the law ensures doctor-patient confidentiality.
  • Take notes and do not let the doctor rush you. If he or she does not have the time, ask to have a nurse or physician assistant explain things to you. Don’t leave the office without understanding everything you need to know.
  • If the doctor recommends drugs, inquire about alternative treatments. Discuss side effects, interactions, and dosing options. Ask if a generic version is available.
  • When your doctor suggests surgery, be sure to get a second opinion.
  • If there are issues you want to discuss that your doctor doesn’t mention, raise them yourself.
  • If you later realize that you forgot to ask a question or if you think of a new one, call the doctor’s office right away. Politely insist that the doctor speak with you, although you will probably have to leave a message.
  • If your symptoms get worse, or if you have problems with your medications, call the doctor. If he or she wants to see you again, schedule the appointment immediately.
  • If you need a better explanation than you can get from your doctor and his or her staff—or if you still have hesitations about prescription drugs your doctor has recommended—or if your doctor does not seem to understand how a natural product functions in the body—feel free to call the Life Extension Health Advisor Helpline at 1-866-864-3027 and ask for assistance.

At Life Extension, we believe in complementary medicine, and we want to help you to obtain the best health information available.

Understanding Blood Tests

Many customers find a meticulous review of their blood test results is the greatest benefit they obtain from speaking with an advisor.

Each year, tens of thousands of customers have their blood tested through Life Extension’s low-cost and comprehensive blood-testing service. Many callers ask for clarification of their test results. In this case, an advisor will go through the caller’s blood test and explain each test result. While our advisors and doctors cannot diagnose a medical condition based on these results, they can explain what each test measures and provide information to help each customer intelligently discuss a particular topic with his or her doctor.

Many customers use the Life Extension blood test service to create a more comprehensive picture of their current health status.

Life Extension’s blood tests enable customers to learn more about issues that are often not covered by insurance—allowing customers to become active participants in their own health care.

Wondering whether your question is out of the norm? The range of customers’ questions commonly handled by advisors is an extensive one, says Fogle. In an average day, people call with questions about:

  • Understanding a new diagnosis from their doctor,
  • Blood work results or what blood tests to order,
  • Details about a product or the best way or time to take it,
  • Designing a targeted supplement wellness regimen,
  • More information on a new product they’ve heard about from a friend or on the news,
  • An article in Life Extension or another magazine or newly discovered medical information,
  • Product quality questions such as testing for heavy metals and purity,
  • Whether to take more or less of a supplement or whether or not if it conflicts with other supplements or drugs,
  • Why they’re tired all the time or the best way to lose weight,
  • Condensing or simplifying their supplement regimen, or
  • How to find a holistic doctor in the caller’s area or one that can prescribe BHRT
    (bio-identical hormone therapy).

Correcting An Onslaught Of Misinformation

While providing a wide range of information to customers is a critical part of Life Extension’s mission, correcting misinformation is equally important.

There is extensive misinformation out there—some accidental and some very much intentional.

Serious flaws have been identified in studies that, on the surface, appear to question the lifesaving value of certain nutrients and hormones. In some cases, statistical manipulation is employed to take raw data showing a nutrient to be beneficial and turn it around so that the nutrient appears to be ineffective. Studies financed by drug companies are often slanted in a particular direction, and even when a neutral researcher is involved, the mainstream media can misinterpret a study in order to create fear and boost ratings.

It can be hard to determine what to believe. Life Extension helps to fill the gap by providing a scientific analysis of the most widely disseminated studies. Working with our medical review staff, a comprehensive examination of the statistical data is performed that cuts through the morass of misinformation in the media.

When confused by competing claims or what may be media misinformation, our team of health advisors provides clarity and contextual analysis rarely performed in today’s world of sound bite news stories.

Do You Have Questions You Think Are Odd Or Unusual?
Your Own Team Of Expert Health Advisors

Every day, we receive calls from customers that start, “This may seem like an odd question, but…” Yet the range of questions that the Life Extension health advisors hear is quite diverse. Here are just a few typical examples of questions we’ve received:

  • Are their any supplement interactions with my medications?
  • How does this Life Extension product compare with others on the market?
  • What supplement should I take for my main health concern?
  • Am I taking too many supplements—and how can I consolidate?
  • What supplement form should I take—magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, or magnesium threonate?
  • How long until I see some benefits from this supplement?
  • You have so many products, but what is the best one to support my…?
  • I like this supplement, but is it safe to take more of it?
  • Can you go over my blood work results with me?
  • What blood tests should I have done?
  • What do you think of this non-Life Extension product?
  • Can I take a product that is past its expiration date?
  • Can you find me a doctor in my area?
  • How can I lose some weight?
  • I’m always tired—how can get more energy?
  • How can I help boost my immune system?
  • What can I do about my insomnia and stress?
  • I’m concerned about my prostate (or breast) health—can you advise me?
  • How can I support healthy glucose and cholesterol levels?
  • What can I do to support healthy bones and joints?
  • I have questions about cancer—and about radiation and chemotherapy.

Of course, for both moral and legal reasons, we cannot diagnose medical conditions over the phone or advise callers to discontinue medications prescribed by their doctor.

Intensive Training Of Our Advisory Team

If you’re imagining yourself endlessly waiting on hold to get brief answers from a few overwhelmed advisors—think again.

Life Extension currently employs a staff of 62 advisors and 14 doctor-advisors, including skilled professionals with up to several decades of experience. Even when we are exceptionally busy with other calls, your time on hold will typically only range from 30 to 120 seconds. The best time to contact our advisors is between 8am to 7pm EST on the weekdays and 9am to 1pm EST on the weekends.

Life Extension health advisors are highly screened and thoroughly trained to ensure that they not only have up-to-date scientific and clinical knowledge but also the ability to communicate that information to customers. They undergo an intensive, three-month training program and are continually tested to meet specific performance criteria, followed by weekly continuing education meetings. The advisory team is comprised of a unique combination of knowledgeable and talented professionals—they know the science behind healthy lifestyle choices and how to help with a variety of personal issues.

“We go to great lengths to hire only the best people and then train them to such a degree they feel like they went to medical school boot camp. But we don’t stop there,” says Dr. Fogle.

“We have weekly meetings for the ongoing scientific and clinical education of our staff, which is why callers can’t believe the quality and level of information our health advisors provide. Many customers have told us that the information they got was far more understandable, detailed, and complete than what they got from their own doctor!”

Whether your joints ache or you want to design a program to keep them from starting to ache, our health advisors have the dedication and expertise to work with you to give you access to the latest scientific studies. They are on the frontline of the longevity movement, dedicated to showing you how to live a long, healthy, and vibrant life.

By calling our Advisor Helpline at 1-866-864-3027 (seven days a week), you can ensure that you get the latest information on how to best approach your own health issue. Our advisors will gladly suggest a regimen of nutrients, hormones, diet, exercise, and even certain medications to ask your doctor about that’s customized for your particular needs.


When it comes to cutting-edge medical breakthrough, Life Extension magazine reports it first—but the details of your personal health situation are unique.

Common questions are: Will certain supplements interfere with prescription medications? Could a single supplement replace several you now take? Perhaps you’d like further explanation about a diagnosis that your own doctor made, or would like to review your lab results.

Sometimes, you may need the individualized answers to specific health questions—questions that your own physician doesn’t have the time to answer. In other situations, you might need an expert to design a targeted supplement/lifestyle regimen for your particular needs—something most doctors cannot or will not do.

Life Extension provides cost-free access to a highly trained team of medical doctors, nutritionists, cancer specialists, chiropractors, nurses, and naturopathic doctors, all just a toll-free phone call away—at 1-866-864-3027every day of the year.

If you have any questions on the scientific content of this article, please call a Life Extension® Health Advisor at 1-866-864-3027.


* Available at: Accessed July 22,2015.