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Bowl of pistachios rich in protein, fiber, and photochemical

Issue: Nov 2016

Four Healthy Reasons to Eat Pistachios

Loaded with protein, fiber, and potent phytochemicals, pistachios help manage blood sugar and excess weight, and promote heart health.

Scientifically reviewed by: Holli Ryan, RD, LD/N, on March 2021.

Years of research back up pistachios as a healthy snack that can help you maintain good health and lower disease risk.

Managing Blood Sugar

Numerous studies have shown that pistachios have a beneficial effect on blood sugar. A 2011 paper found that pistachios eaten with a meal high in carbohydrates lowered blood glucose response.1

Weight Management

There’s evidence that pistachio consumption correlates with better weight control. A meta-analysis of 33 studies reported in 2013 compared weight outcomes of a diet including pistachios—among other nuts—against control diets. They concluded that diets enriched with nuts did not increase weight, body mass index, or waist circumference.2

Cardiovascular Health

Studies suggest that pistachios have anti-inflammatory benefits and may help lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol when eaten as part of an overall healthy diet.3 Additionally, a 2010 study showed significantly lower triglyceride levels in subjects who ate pistachios.4

Nutritional Value

Pistachios contain a broad-spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals as well as protein, fiber, and an array of phytochemicals.5


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