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A New Era!

Human age reversal is evolving into scientific reality. Life Extension Foundation® is cosponsoring the Revolution against Aging and Death conference in San Diego on August 4-7, 2016. The focus is how age reversal can be accelerated through group collaboration.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: William Faloon.

William Faloon
William Faloon

Curing Aging in Our Lifetime

Many of you know I’ve spent my career pursuing scientific methods to eradicate biological aging in humans.

By networking with like-minded individuals, I’ve helped introduce discoveries that have had profound impacts on human longevity.

In our early years, Life Extension Foundation® introduced the anti-aging properties of coenzyme Q10 and the heart attack-prevention effects of aspirin.

These innovations spared countless lives. What was lacking up to now were therapies to reverse systemic aging in the elderly.

A pivotal turning point emerged in 2015. The game-changers were laboratory findings demonstrating that systemic rejuvenation can be induced in old animals.

This prompted scientists we work with to design clinical studies whereby techniques that have reversed aging in the animal model can be tested in elderly people.

As we delved into the prospect of human age reversal, we began finding others who were planning similar research endeavors. We were not alone in conjecturing that a cure for human aging might be attainable relatively soon.

This article will enlighten you to an exciting conference in San Diego where a host of age-reversal initiatives will be presented.

Since our inception in 1980, the Life Extension Foundation has funded biomedical research aimed at extending lifespans beyond conventional expectations.

What’s happening today with rejuvenation research is nothing short of a medical renaissance. It will likely have a far greater impact on human longevity than the discovery of antibiotics.

On August 4-7, 2016, in San Diego, California, you will have the opportunity to interact with the physicians and scientists who will oversee human rejuvenation studies.

The name of the event is Revolution against Aging and Death conference. It is sponsored by several non-profit groups. The focus is human age-reversal.

Before describing this unprecedented scientific gathering, let me discuss a few recent timelines so you can appreciate the rapid pace with which age-reversal technology has progressed.

We Were Desperate in 2005

We Were Desperate in 2005  

In 2005, I hosted a Sunday afternoon get-together with some of our dedicated supporters. I’ll never forget an educated woman approaching me with a complaint. She was annoyed that she had an outlandish amount of money at her disposal but nowhere to contribute it to that had any chance of reversing biological aging.

She asked me if there were any direct donations she could make to Life Extension Foundation that would accelerate human age-reversal research. My response to her blank check offer was that I suffered the same dilemma.

Life Extension® was doing modestly well, but there were no projects in which meaningful human age-reversal theories could be clinically tested.

This was not the first time a wealthy person offered us donations for impossible-to-conduct clinical research. There were in fact instances of hostility expressed to me by individuals saying, “I’m offering to pay you to do human age reversal research… why aren’t you taking my money?”

The reality in those early years was that there were no viable human age-reversal concepts that could be clinically tested…no matter how much funding was offered.

The “Emergency” Summit of 2013

In January 2013, a group of anti-aging doctors and motivated individuals invited me to what they described as an “emergency summit” in South Florida. The credibility of the people involved mandated my attendance.

An inspirational speech given by the lead physician enlightened the group to the nature of the “emergency.” Put simply, this doctor made it clear we were all “aging to death,” yet no one was doing anything to reverse this lethal trend. The group united behind the premise that scientific methods to reverse pathological aging had to be fast-tracked. They then turned and asked me, “What should we do?

I reminded the group that they were already slowing premature aging via their healthy lifestyle choices, along with their hormone and supplement regimens. They understood this, but the question remained: What could be done to reverse the aging process that was slowly killing us all?

The group wanted to hear something positive, so I reminded them of data showing that the drug metformin had anti-aging properties that mimicked the longevity benefits of calorie restriction. One doctor stood up and offered to lead a clinical trial to document metformin’s benefits. I replied that this would be a waste of money because there was already sufficient data to support the use of metformin.

After a few subsequent meetings, this South Florida group disbanded because there was nothing practical at the time that could be funded that would lead to rapid reversal of human aging.

Age Reversal goes Live in 2015!

Move forward to 2015 and a paradigm shift emerged. For the first time, research initiatives to induce meaningful, systemic human age reversal were evolving into scientific reality.

To put this into perspective, I’d been attending anti-aging conferences since 1978, when the focus was on disease prevention. The concept of age reversal was viewed as something that would occur in the future.

In 2015, that future arrived in the form of a biomedical revolution!

Exponential Knowledge Eruption

Exponential Knowledge Eruption  

Scientists at this moment are pushing through human studies with the objective of biologically transforming older people into measurably younger individuals. Experts believe that many aspects of pathologic aging can be eradicated using these newly developed therapies. The integrity of these findings is what prompted the Life Extension Foundation to cosponsor Revolution against Aging and Death, our first national conference on aging since 1986.

If it were not for the many scientists now engaged in human age reversal initiatives, Life Extension would NOT be involved in this conference. In other words, if all you were going to learn at this event was more information on preventing disease and slowing aging, this conference would not be that different from others you may have attended.

What distinguishes this conference from all others is a focus on human age reversal and how it can be accelerated through group collaboration.

Multiple Reasons for You to Attend

There are multiple benefits beyond the illuminating experience you will gain by attending the Revolution against Aging and Death conference.

One opportunity is making personal connections with physicians who may already be planning to incorporate age reversal into their practice on an individual basis. This means you might gain access to regenerative therapies before formal clinical trials are initiated. Another reason for attending is to demonstrate solidarity amongst a huge group of like-minded people. This is important because there may be hundreds of representatives from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Big Pharma at this conference looking for investment opportunities, along with dozens of media.

We expect over 1,000 people will attend the conference. Can you imagine how much more energy will be generated if we pack the room with 4,000 individuals whose priority is to gain quick access to age-reversal therapies? This single event could open the floodgates (i.e. billions of dollars) of private investment aimed at rapidly developing validated age-reversal treatments.

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, we are seeking to bring the science of age reversal to the public forefront. We want to transform regenerative medicine into the most important avenue of research that humanity pursues.

A Different Kind of Gathering

If you consider what’s included in this multi-day program, you’ll realize what a bargain it is. In addition to the impressive speakers, the registration fee covers healthy lunches and dinners for two straight days in a fabulous hotel resort ballroom. This will allow for productive interactions to occur throughout the multi-day program and eliminates awkward breaks where you wonder what to do for an hour or two. The group is staying together throughout most of this historic meeting.

Unlike typical scientific conferences where you often get lost in the crowd, this unique event will bring like-minded individuals close together, with a range of age-reversal strategies presented by avant-garde scientists and lots of group follow-up discussions.

A listing of the speakers scheduled for Revolution against Aging and Death appears at the end of this article. We reserve the right to bring in last minute scientists who may be on the verge of major discoveries. What may surprise you is how far along these physician/scientists are in potentially making older people grow functionally younger.

Discounted Registration Fee

Most conferences are put on by commercial entities looking to turn a profit, so they charge substantial fees over and above their expenses.

In contrast, this unique conference is sponsored by several nonprofit organizations. The goal is to unite activists, enthusiasts, scientists, and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate widespread availability of age-reversal technologies. By eliminating the profit incentive, we’ve been able to make participation in this event affordable.

Through July 14, the registration fee is $577 each, but we’ve arranged for Life Extension supporters to save $100 and pay just $477. From July 15 to August 3, the cost is $627, $527 for Life Extension supporters. Couples who sign up get an additional $50 off these promotions. Again, the fee includes two days of healthy lunches and dinners.

To get the best price, enroll by July 14 and pay only $477.

Dates and Location

Dates and Location  

The location of this unprecedented event is the Town and Country Resort in San Diego, California. This historic gathering begins Thursday evening, August 4, and ends Sunday, August 7 at 1 p.m. Based on the number of pre-registrations, we expect over 1,000 attendees.

To enroll at the discounted rate, log on to Enter “LEF” in the promotional code box, and $100 will be subtracted from your registration fee.

If you don’t like dealing with websites, just call 1-866-595-6577 (24 hours). A live operator will register you at the discounted price.

Uniting Longevity Enthusiasts

Life Extension Foundation is the world’s largest consumer-based longevity group. We fund millions of dollars each year in research aimed at radically extending the healthy human life span.

Major leaps in knowledge about aging have occurred over the past two years. These advances mandate that groups involved in longevity research unite to make age reversal a reality for those alive today.

In this era of electronic communication, it’s vital to have in-person interactions with like-minded people to share information, inspiration and insight. This helps create a sense of connection and belonging that strengthens our resolve to gain control of aging in our lifetime. For the first time in medical history, the prospect of human age reversal has become a realistic probability. This represents a renaissance not just in the scientific arena, but also in the way society views human longevity potential.

I hope to personally meet many of you during this unprecedented educational venture August 4-7 in San Diego.

For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon

P.S. There are additional perks included with the registration fee that you can review by visiting the official Revolution against Aging and Death website at

In addition to Life Extension’s William Faloon, presenters at the event include top anti-aging researchers and experts such as: Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Bill Andrews, Ilana Arzt, Joe Bardin, Greta Blackburn, Bernadeane Brown, Dr. Kristen Comella, Jose Luis Cordeiro, Dr. Brant Cortright, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Maria Entraigues-Abramson, Dr. Greg Fahy, Dr. Ben Goertzel, Michael Greve, Laurie Handlers, Dr. Steve Hruby, Zoltan Istvan, Dr. Ron Klatz, Dr. Moss Jackson, David Kekich, Dr. Dobri Kiprov, Dr. Mark Gordon, Dipnarine Maharaj, MD, Nuno R.B. Martins, Dr. Max More, Liz Parrish, Dr. Kirk Parsley, Steve Perry, Molly Sheridan, James Strole, Suzanne Somers, Neal VanDeree, Dr. Natasha Vita-More, Dr. Kristen Willeumier, and Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov.

Age Reversal Research Initiatives at RAADfest

There will be over 30 speakers at RAADfest 2016 making presentations on a wide range of health topics. Listed on this page are speakers that will describe age reversal research initiatives they are directly spearheading.

Dipnarine Maharaj
Dipnarine Maharaj

Dipnarine Maharaj, MD

Reversal of pathologic aging processes along with restoration of functional immune status using stem cell mobilized plasma components from young donors.

The bone marrow of healthy 21-year-olds contains an abundance of youthful stem cells, immune cells, and paracrine factors including plasma exosomes, proteins, and cytokines.

Using an FDA-approved factor that mobilizes bone marrow and a proprietary protocol for its administration, rapid release of pro-youth factors is enhanced. Through a process known as apheresis, these pro-youth factors are harvested in the plasma of the young donors and administered to older people to induce restoration of healthy immune function.

This study is to be conducted at the South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Institute. It plans to initially enroll about 30 study subjects who meet the eligibility criteria to receive the mobilized plasma from blood-matched healthy, young donors.

Dr. Maharaj is a hematologist/oncologist stem cell transplant physician and director of the South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Institute in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Greg Fahy
Greg Fahy

Greg Fahy, PhD

Reversal of human immunological aging, along with suppression of autoimmune factors

Immune senescence is initiated by the atrophy of the thymus gland near the time of puberty. Thymic atrophy can be reversed in animals and in young AIDS patients, but this has not been shown in normal aging humans.

Dr. Fahy reports on an ongoing human aging reversal trial at Stanford University he is overseeing using FDA-approved agents that in combination should safely regenerate not only the thymus, but also other organs as well. Side effects have been minimal, and subjective responses have been positive. Spinoff applications include elimination of diabetes, other autoimmune diseases, and transplant rejection.

Greg Fahy is a world renowned authority on aging and cryobiology and is chief scientific officer at 21st Century Medicine, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Life Extension Foundation.

Dobri Kiprov
Dobri Kiprov

Dobri Kiprov, MD

Inhibition of senescent cell behavior in elderly subjects via removal of aged plasma and infusion of young plasma components… Prophylactic plasma exchange in an attempt to suppress inflammation and induce age reversal

Dr. Kiprov’s team was the first in the world to demonstrate that replacing the systemic milieu restores the function of impaired immunocompetent cells in patients with autoimmune diseases.

Based on this observation, he developed a model whereby removing senescent plasma and replacing it with factors derived from young plasma may reset the responsible biochemical pathways to their younger states.

Dr. Kiprov’s team has received an Internal Review Board (IRB) approval to conduct a trial study on Intermittent Heterochronic Plasma Exchange as a Modality for Preventing Cellular Senescence that will seek to prove age reversal in a group of older volunteer (human) study subjects.

Dobri Kiprov is an internationally recognized pioneer and expert in the field of therapeutic apheresis. He is chief of the Division of Immunotherapy at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and medical director of Apheresis Care Group.

Aubrey de Grey
Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de Grey, PhD

Why aging’s days are numbered, and the diseases of aging even more so

Over 15 years ago, I proposed that age-related disease and disability might be easier to postpone and prevent by periodically repairing the accumulating damage that causes it, rather than by slowing the body’s creation of that damage as almost all researchers had historically assumed. This concept, which is now widely accepted as promising by the expert community, is being pursued by laboratories worldwide and especially by SENS Research Foundation’s in-house and extramural laboratory research programs. Progress is accelerating, as illustrated both by increasingly high-profile academic publications and by the translation of these projects to spin-out startup companies.

Aubrey de Grey is Chief Scientific Officer at SENS Research Foundation and internationally recognized leader in the field of regenerative medicine research.

Steve Perry
Steve Perry

Steve Perry

Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11)

GDF11 is a naturally occurring peptide that has been cited in several papers as having a capacity to restore aging muscles, hearts and brains in mice, while researchers at Harvard proclaim it may have significant age reversal effects. GDF11 had never been tested in humans until Steve Perry became patient zero on June 7, 2014.

Parabiosis research strongly suggests that blood borne peptides, especially GDF11, are a key component of the “aging program.” Steve and about 20 volunteers are working on a GDF11 dosing strategy as well as measuring key biomarkers in the cardiac, pulmonary, cognitive, skin elasticity and immune areas to determine GDF11’s effectiveness. Results of this study will be presented.

Steve Perry founded GDF11 Rejuvenation, Inc. in June, 2014, to explore the efficacy of GDF11 supplementation.

Liz Parrish and Bill Andrews, PhD

Extending telomere to reverse the clock to aging and declining health

Elizabeth Parrish
Elizabeth Parrish

Lengthening of telomeres using the enzyme telomerase is a protocol that has demonstrated age reversal in experimental models. Longer telomeres not only increased the energy in old mice, but also restored their ability to breed, restored their brain function, revitalized their internal organs, and made them look and behave young again.

Elizabeth Parrish and Bill Andrews will be discussing their joint venture, called BioViva Fiji, to use gene therapy to make this technology of telomere lengthening possible for humans in the very near future.

Elizabeth Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva USA. She is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and innovator, and a leading voice for genetic cures for aging. Recently she became patient zero in the highly publicized first gene therapy effort to reverse aging.

Bill Andrews

Bill Andrews is the Founder and CEO of Sierra Sciences. His scientific background for 35 years in the biotech industry has led to many medical breakthroughs including the discovery of human telomerase. His career for the last 17 years has focused specifically on finding ways to extend human lifespan and health span through the intervention of telomere shortening.

Alex Zhavoronkov
Alex Zhavoronkov

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD

Deep learning and artificial intelligence advances that can accurately evaluate efficacy of age-reversal therapies

Dr. Zhavoronkov leads an international group of scientists using advances in deep learning and artificial intelligence to develop comprehensive and accurate biomarkers of human aging to measure the effectiveness of many interventions. His team is also developing a set of molecules aimed at reversing age-related changes while targeting cancer and common degenerative disorders. Over the past 3 years his group published over 60 peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals and two books including The Ageless Generation by Palgrave Macmillan.

Alex Zhavoronkov is chief science officer of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based registered charity supporting aging research worldwide and a CEO of Insilico Medicine at the Emerging Technology Centers located at the Johns Hopkins University.

His talk at RAADFest will focus on developing comprehensive and actionable biomarkers of human aging, where ensembles of deep neural networks trained on multimodal data coming from tens of thousands of patients predict both chronological and biological age of the patient at any point in time. He will expand on how artificially intelligent systems in coup with human domain expertise in drug discovery can be used to discover, personalize and test geroprotectors intended to slow down or even repair age-related damage.

Ben Goertzel
Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel, PhD

Using advanced artificial intelligence to identify pathways to super-longevity and super-abundant health

Dr. Goertzel has been working for decades on advancing artificial intelligence technology and using artificial intelligence to analyze longevity-related datasets, with exciting results.

He will indicate the kinds of greater insights that would be expected to emerge from larger and more comprehensive initiatives using artificial intelligence-based analysis/simulation of the biological underpinnings of aging and health.

Ben Goertzel is the chief scientist of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong robotics company, and Aidyia Limited, an investment management firm. He also leads the open-source OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) project and the annual AGI conference series. In the area of longevity research, he has been the foremost advocate and practitioner of the application of artificial intelligence technology to the analysis of genomics data regarding longevity.

William Faloon
William Faloon

William Faloon

Connecting the dots may be all that’s required to cure aging

A cure for common bacterial infections was published in 1929, yet widespread availability of antibiotics did not occur until 1946. A similar situation exists today whereby aging has been reversed in experimental animal models, but transforming this into human rejuvenation therapies has been delayed.

William Faloon will lay out a plan whereby merely connecting the various areas of expertise and commitment will result in laboratory research being rapidly translated into clinical trials and, when successful, made widely available to spare humans today from the lethal impact of age-related disorders.

William Faloon is co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, the world‘s largest consumer-based longevity organization.

Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers

Enlightening the world to the prospect of age reversal

Public acceptance of the medical concept of age reversal will accelerate greater allocation of resources to the field of longevity research.

Suzanne Somers , author, lecturer, entertainer, entrepreneur, is the second most recognized female celebrity (after Oprah) in the United States and has exerted a powerful influence on public opinion as it relates to taking charge of one’s personal health and well-being.

She has written 26 books, 14 New York Times best sellers courageously taking on mainstream medicine by introducing America and then the world to the remarkable benefits to health and aging with bioidentical hormone replacement.

Suzanne’s passion for alternatives and non-drug approaches to health and aging include new thinking about cancer and battling environmental pollution and chemicals. To access longevity and quality of life requires a shift in thinking and Suzanne clearly lives her message. She is a breathtaking example of health, sexuality and as she calls it... A NEW WAY TO AGE.

To Attend This Historic Conference

To enroll at the Revolution against Aging and Death conference in San Diego (August 4-7, 2016) at the discounted rate, log on to Enter “LEF” in the promotional code box, and $100 will be subtracted from your registration fee. If you don’t like dealing with websites, just call 1-866-595-6577 (24 hours). A live operator will register you at the discounted price.