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Issue: Jul 2017

Age Reversal Research Update

Physician/scientists are rapidly developing therapies aimed at rejuvenating elderly people. A concerted effort is being made to accelerate human studies aimed at inducing systemic reversal of biological aging processes.

By William Faloon.

William Faloon
William Faloon speaking
on December 8, 2016,
at an age-reversal seminar
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In 2015 we made a commitment to fund research that goes beyond mere disease prevention and treatment.

Our inspiration was ignited by findings showing consistent reversals of aging processes in experimental rodent models.1-8

Even more compelling is the possibility that degenerative aging may be reversed in humans.

It has become abundantly clear that therapies may exist right now to systemically rejuvenate elderly people.

Researchers we are involved with have filed Investigational New Drug applications with the FDA to launch full-scale clinical trials. The goal is to statistically validate age reversal in study groups of 30-50 people.

Healthy young blood donors are being recruited to provide plasma concentrates that will be infused into elderly people. Based on previous animal studies,3,6,7 it is expected that old people receiving concentrated young plasma may grow younger.

In August 2016, we announced the formation of Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. The company’s mission was to fund human studies and rapidly make effective therapies available to those who have a short time to live.

Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. was only allowed to accept funds from “accredited investors,” which required burdensome SEC paperwork. When the offering expired on March 31, 2017, there was less than $1 million invested or committed. This amount was insufficient to fund the clinical studies. So 100% of the funds we received were returned to investors.

We’ve also received tax-deductible donations of about $54,000 that remain in a charity account. These funds will only be used to fund human age-reversal projects.

Each day, over 5,000 Americans perish from age-related illnesses.9 Based on what’s been recently discovered, many of these human lives could have been saved.

This article describes our new plan to accelerate human age-reversal research.

We live in an unprecedented era as it relates to our understanding of pathological aging. This knowledge enables us to investigate and measure the effects of interventions that may enable meaningful reversals of degenerative processes.

The prospect of age reversal has not gone unnoticed. Headline news routinely reports on today’s billionaires, who are funding projects aimed at achieving longer and healthier lifespans.10-17

We at Life Extension® applaud those seeking to turn aging into a relic of the past, as was done with smallpox, polio, and other diseases.

The multiple factors involved in aging however, make it unlikely that any person alone will discover the ultimate cure. A more rational approach is to utilize the talents of like-minded activists in a united effort.

What You Need to Know
New Age-Reversal Efforts

New Age-Reversal Efforts

  • Life Extension made a commitment in 2015 to fund age-reversal research.
  • Therapies may exist right now to systemically rejuvenate elderly people.
  • Researchers we are associated with have filed Investigational New Drug applications with the FDA to launch full-scale clinical trials with an eye toward statistically validating age reversal in study groups of 30-50 subjects.
  • More than 5,000 Americans die each day from age-related illnesses. Based on recent discoveries, many of these lives could have been saved.
  • Multiple factors involved in aging make it unlikely that any one person will find the cure.
  • Our new strategy is a “private association,” the Society for Rescue of Aged Persons, which will seek to rescue older people who might otherwise not live long enough to benefit from upcoming rejuvenation therapies.
  • The Society for Rescue of Aged Persons will exchange scientific information, foster strategic alliances, and support biomedical endeavors aimed at reversing degenerative aging.
  • To apply for informal membership in the Society for Rescue of Aged Persons, log on to:

Pulling Resources Together

Pulling Resources Together  

The new strategy initiated in April 2017 is a “private association” that brings together like-minded individuals into a group that seeks to rejuvenate aging people…like you and me.

The group holds regularly scheduled conference calls whereby information is disseminated about participating in age-reversal studies, self-experimentation, investing/donating to specific projects, and raising public awareness.

This private association is analogous to groups formed in the past to advance a science when the medical profession showed little interest.

Below is an excerpt from the March 2014 edition of Life Extension Magazine® that describes the success of such an association:

“In 1767, a few wealthy and civic-minded citizens in Amsterdam gathered to form the Society for Recovery of Drowned Persons.18

Amsterdam is a city of canals and hence people fell in and drowned. It thus became the birthplace for the teaching and promotion of the resuscitation of dead persons.

Within four years of its founding, the society in Amsterdam claimed that 150 persons were saved by their recommendations.19

The Society for Recovery of Drowned Persons introduced scientific techniques, along with ethical changes that started a collective belief that resuscitation of the dead was possible.

Following successes of the Amsterdam society, rescue societies sprang up in most European capitals in the 18th century, all with the goal of finding a way of successfully resuscitating victims of sudden death. Many of these techniques (or variations of them) are used in modern emergency medical practice.”

Our private association will seek to rescue aged humans who may not live long enough for rejuvenation therapies to be fully validated. We might save many lives, as did the civic-minded Amsterdam group 250 years ago.

Here is the game plan:

  1. We believe aging is at least partially reversible using existing therapies;
  2. There is a growing interest in transforming this into clinical reality;
  3. Those interested in age reversal want active (not passive) engagement;
  4. The most efficient way to advance age-reversal research is via a private association (analogous to the Amsterdam society).

Choosing a Name

Choosing a Name  

I initially proposed our private group be named Society for Rescue of Senescent Persons.

Others in the group suggested something more recognizable, so the name on our website is now:

Society for Rescue of Aged Persons

Please understand that this association is informal, has no bylaws, incorporating documents, or other legal structure. Its sole purpose is to unite people in ways that will accelerate the availability of rejuvenation technologies to benefit all of humanity, including members of the group.

This private association initially consists of activists, investors, and donors involved in our previous age-reversal initiatives. These individuals share a common desire to rejuvenate aged people.

Benjamin Franklin Quote:

Relating to signers of the Declaration of Independence:

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Paraphrase relating to age-reversal research:

“We must, indeed, all work together or, most assuredly, we will all prematurely age and die.”

How the Private Association Operates

The Society for Rescue of Aged Persons consists of about 1,000 individuals who have demonstrated their desire to donate, invest, and/or actively participate in advancing human age-reversal studies.

Partnerships may form within or outside the group in any manner the individual members choose to congregate. Information will be shared at the discretion of the individual members.

There are some prestigious individuals in this group who are bound by confidentiality/nondisclosure contracts. We nonetheless welcome their input and any meaningful scientific data they are permitted to disseminate. A key to our success will be open-source information sharing whenever feasible.

To reiterate, the Society for Rescue of Aged Persons has no formal structure. Its purpose is to exchange scientific information, foster strategic alliances, and support biomedical endeavors aimed at reversing degenerative aging.

Who Is Eligible to Join?

Since 2015, we have asked Life Extension supporters for assistance to advance our mission.

We’ve gathered together an impressive group of scientists and activists. At this point, we are limiting this group to those who are willing to actively participate in our noble cause. We are not seeking spectators.

Readers of this publication should be assured that when any breakthrough occurs, they will be informed about where and how to access the scientifically-validated rejuvenation therapy.

To apply for informal membership in the Society for Rescue of Aged Persons, you can log on to:

Age-Reversal Human Projects
  • Young Plasma Transfer/apheresis
  • Stem cell-mobilized young plasma infusion
  • Thymic Regeneration
  • GDF-11 restoration
  • Purge senescent cells with senolytics
  • Remove cellular debris with rapamycin

These technologies are ready for clinical trials.

No new drug development required.

Moving Forward…


We live in an era whereby limitations on maximum lifespans may soon be vanquished.

Multiple biomedical technologies are emerging comparable to the personal computer/communication revolution that arose in 1981.

Our mission is to demonstrate statistically significant human age reversal so that an eruption of charitable and capitalistic forces will compete to induce even longer, healthier lifespans.

Each day our research is delayed, we grow older and more frail. There is tremendous urgency to move human rejuvenation projects forward.

Every time you purchase a blood test, nutrient, or other product advertised in this magazine, you help us contribute more funds toward human age-reversal endeavors.

If you have any questions on the scientific content of this article, please call a Life Extension® Wellness Specialist at 1-866-864-3027.


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