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Scientist working with young blood for human aging

Human Age Reversal

Research into reversing human aging is rapidly accelerating. Somewhere between years 2030-2045, science may gain total control over degenerative processes. Our immediate goal is to develop and validate rejuvenation therapies to provide maturing adults with an additional 15-25 healthy years. This may buy most of us enough time to benefit from upcoming biomedical breakthroughs that will revolutionize human longevity potential. There are FIVE projects urgently in need of funding. Preliminary findings indicate each of these therapies will provide at least some restoration of youthful functionality. Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. has been founded to fund these and other studies aimed at eradicating pathological aging in humans.

By William Faloon.

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William Faloon speaking on December 8, 2016, at an age-reversal seminar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We made medical history at the inaugural Revolution against Aging and Death (RAADfest) conference held in August 2016.

For the first time, scientific methods to help enable older people to grow biologically younger were revealed.

RAADfest was the largest gathering of radical longevity enthusiasts ever.

Of the age reversal research projects that need outside funding, we’ve identified what appear to be the proverbial “low-hanging fruit.” This means these treatments offer strong potential for reversing human aging right now!

Our immediate goal is to expeditiously develop these therapies to provide an additional 20-30 years of healthy longevity to older individuals.

The reason this extra time is so critical is that within the next 20-30 years science may gain total control over pathologic aging processes.

This article contains Power Point slides demonstrating that biological age reversal is already occurring in proof-of-concept studies.

Based on the data you are about to see, millions of human lives may be spared.

We need to confirm these findings in larger population groups. Continued demonstration of biological age reversal will likely move these treatments into routine medical protocols for people over age 60.

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The Power Point slide above describes age-reversal effects measured when dasatinib was administered to older mice.

There are five age-reversal projects that can be launched right now if funding becomes available.

What’s so tantalizing about these studies is that no new drug needs to be discovered to begin testing these therapies on older individuals.

The simplest human trial involves an FDA-approved drug called dasatinib that demonstrated profound age reversal effects in a mouse study published in 2015.

Just one dasatinib tablet taken for three consecutive weeks might induce systemic rejuvenating effects in people. There are several dasatinib doses we want to see tested along with other agents we think will work synergistically with this drug.

The cost of this drug is remarkably low since only three tablets might be needed to be taken every 5 or 10 years.

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The slide above shows five studies that offer strong potential to rapidly induce systemic age reversal.

Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11)

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Harvard scientists are reversing aging in old mice using Growth Differentiating Factor 11 (GDF11). (Science, Oct 21, 2015.)

GDF11 is a naturally occurring peptide that has the capacity to restore aging muscles, hearts, and brains in mice.

Researchers at Harvard (and other institutions) have shown it may induce significant age reversal effects.

GDF11 had never been tested in humans until a pioneering longevity enthusiast became patient zero on June 7, 2014.

About 20 volunteers are now self-experimenting and measuring biomarkers to determine GDF11’s effectiveness.

Power Point slides on pages 13 and 14 describe the rationale for using GDF11, its mechanisms of action, and the human age-reversal effects demonstrated so far.

Conclusion: The preliminary data from a cohort of humans self-experimenting with GDF11 indicate an urgent need for a controlled clinical trial to see if these age-reversal effects are reproducible among a larger group of individuals over age 55.

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About two years ago, the first human decided to self-experiment by injecting just enough GDF11 into his body to restore it to youthful levels. He is “patient zero.”
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Patient zero provides further rationale for why he chose to self-experiment with GDF11.
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The chart on this slide shows that when GDF11 is restored in older animals, DNA damage is greatly reduced compared to the same age-group animals not receiving GDF11. The ability of GDF11 to facilitate DNA repair represents a potent age-reversal mechanism.
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A group of longevity enthusiasts are now selfexperimenting with GDF11. After a period of 4-14 months, they report remarkable anecdotal age-reversal effects.
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This slide shows a 21%-30% improvement in skin elasticity in three people self-experimenting with GDF11 for 4-14 months.
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This slide shows substantial improvement in cognitive function in response to GDF11 restoration therapy in the self-experimenting group.
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Through normal aging processes (such as glycation) soft tissues lose their youthful elasticity and become “stiff.” Adverse manifestations of arterial stiffening included hypertension and heart valve stenosis. Scientists have been seeking a way to reverse arterial stiffening for decades, looking for compounds that can break “cross-links” that form in our body’s proteins. After 4-14 months of self-experimentation with GDF11, arterial stiffness was reduced a remarkable 37%. If this is all GDF11 did, then every aging human would want this to protect against vascular and other disorders related to the systemic accumulation of advanced glycation end products.

Young Stem Cell-Mobilized Plasma Transfer

The bone marrow of healthy 21-year-olds contains an abundance of functional stem cells, immune cells, and paracrine factors including plasma exosomes, proteins, and cytokines. Young blood also contains lots of GDF11.

Using an FDA-approved factor that mobilizes bone marrow and a proprietary protocol for its administration, rapid release of pro-youth factors is enhanced.

Through a process known as apheresis, these pro-youth factors can be harvested in the plasma from the young donors and then administered to older people with the objective of restoring healthy immune function along with systemic tissue regeneration and a reduction of frailty.

This study is to be conducted at the South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Institute in Boynton Beach, Florida. It plans to initially enroll about 30-50 study subjects who meet the eligibility criteria to receive the mobilized plasma from blood-matched healthy young donors. We also want to fund an analogous study protocol at the Young Blood Institute in San Francisco if funding becomes available.

The following slides describe the premise behind rejuvenating older individuals with stem cell-mobilized plasma from young persons.

Conclusion: There are several methods of delivering the benefits of young plasma exchanges to older individuals, but tightly controlled research must be done. We are looking at three research centers now to accelerate these programs. Financial support is urgently needed.

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Numerous studies dating back to the 1950s show that when young blood is circulated into old animals, the old animals become biologically younger. More recent parabiosis studies offer even greater encouragement.
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The journal Nature did an analysis of parabiosis animal studies and announced plans to initiate human testing.
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The Nature review of parabiosis research revealed systemic age reversal.
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Not only does young blood transfer rejuvenate old animals, but this study shows they lived longer.
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Young blood being studied at prestigious universities as treatments for degenerative illnesses.
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Fascinating new study shows short-term injections of plasma from 18-year-old humans into old mice induces rapid and meaningful rejuvenating effects.
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Older mice treated with plasma from 18-year-old humans grew biologically younger.
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What counts for most people is “quality of life.” This study of old mice injected with human blood demonstrated the older mice behaved like younger control mice.
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Johnson and Johnson invests $50 million to identify young plasma constituents that may effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease.
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Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) is a hormone in young blood that may have rejuvenating effects when administered to older individuals.
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Children born today will live longer and healthier. We need to reverse aging in persons over age 50 so they too can benefit from these biomedical advances.
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Hundreds of proteins in young plasma are likely to have rejuvenating properties when infused into older people. GDF11 is just one of these proteins. There are proprietary methods to augment young plasma by mobilizing bone marrow stem cells.
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Smallpox was eradicated without knowing viruses existed.
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The antibiotic properties of penicillin were published in 1929, but millions died from bacterial infections before it became widely available.
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If age-reversal therapies are delayed as long as penicillin, many readers of the magazine will not live long enough to benefit.
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Medical treatment (control) of human aging may soon become as prevalent as annual flu shots (and we hope a LOT more effective).
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We can’t wait for bureaucratic academic institutions and drug companies to develop validated agereversal technologies. We need to accelerate age-reversal research so older Life Extension® supporters can gain access in the immediate future.

Thymic Regeneration


Immune senescence can be initiated by the atrophy of the thymus gland that begins near the time of puberty.

Thymic atrophy can be reversed in animals and in young HIV patients, but until recently this has only been documented once in a normal aging human.

Now, a human age-reversal trial with collaborators at Stanford University is underway using FDA-approved agents in a creative combination that has been shown to not only regenerate the thymus, but to improve blood markers indicative of healthier immune status. Safe rejuvenation of other organs may be possible as well.

Side effects have been minimal, and subjective responses have been positive. Spin-off applications of thymic regeneration technology include elimination of type I diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and transplant rejection.

The following slides describe the preliminary results shown in the initial study of 9 people aged 50-65 years.

Conclusion: These results indicate that immune senescence may already be reversible with the creative use of existing FDA-approved therapies. A larger study of older people utilizing a similar protocol is scheduled for 2017 if sufficient funding can be acquired. Those who reside in Southern California will find it more convenient to participate as study subjects.

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Bone marrow immune cells are converted to T cells by the thymus gland. T cells are essential for proper immune system functions.
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The graph on this slide shows some of the devastating immune changes that occur during normal aging. In particular, a sharp decline in naïve T cells and overexpansion of defective CD8 cells reduces our ability to ward off new infections and malignancies.

The accumulation of memory cells results in many of them growing senescent, which contributes to the low-level chronic inflammation that impacts elderly people.

Immune senescence and ensuing inflammation can affect all of the body’s tissues, impacting not only immune functions, but also cognitive and cardiovascular health. Reversing immune senescence is critical to healthy longevity.

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The thymus gland peaks around puberty and then rapidly involutes (shrivels). By age 40 there is little functional thymic tissue remaining. This downward trend in thymic structure and function worsens as we grow older. Immune senescence is strongly correlated with risk of near-term death. Therefore many believe that immune dysregulation plays a key role in degenerative aging, and one that is reversible.
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In elderly people, a decline in CD4 cells (also called T-helper cells) in relation to CD8 cells predicts impending death, as does the delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) test. These two graphs show that when the ratio of CD4 cells drops in people aged 86-92 years, the probability of death within two years is about 70%. A reduction in the DTH score predicts about 80% mortality in two years in persons over age 80. Initial tests on human study subjects whose thymus gland was regenerated (confirmed by MRI imaging) showed improvements in the CD4/CD8 ratio and intriguing changes in immune cells suggestive of major improvements in immune system health.
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In response to creative use of existing medications, thymic regeneration has been demonstrated in animals, HIV-infected people, and, for the first time, in a healthy older person in an ongoing trial in collaboration with Stanford researchers. Initial blood indicators show reversal of markers related to inflammation and immune senescence in this 9-person cohort proof-of-concept study.
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In addition to improving immune-defense status, thymic regeneration should enable cures for persons with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, colitis, and rheumatoid disorders. This is possible because a healthy thymus gland does more than train T cells to fight foreign invaders—it also teaches them not to attack the self. By regenerating the old thymus, the immune system can be re-educated to stop attacking self-antigens that have been mistaken for foreign invaders, thus reversing autoimmunity. The thymus can also help program the immune system to recognize donated organs as self, so that they are no longer rejected. In this way, organ transplant patients may reduce or eliminate their need for immune suppressing drugs because a regenerated thymus can be made to instruct the immune system not to attack their transplants. These techniques, which have been well-established in animals, are not used in humans today largely because most humans lack significant thymus glands.

How Can This Research Be Funded?

Human studies are now ready to begin to confirm recent data showing meaningful reversal of pathological aging processes.

These clinical trials aim to alter older humans so that they function as much younger individuals.

Even modest success will result in a paradigm shift that will impart enormous societal benefits, such as sparing Medicare from insolvency.

We at Life Extension are not standing by while 5,000 Americans perish each day from age-related illnesses. Fortunately, we are no longer alone in wanting to accelerate the pace of human age-reversal research.

Joining us are physician-scientists who want to hurry up these technologies to keep people from “aging to death.”

The Power Point slides in this article represent a succinct overview of a myriad of age-reversal techniques that offer potential for quick clinical results. This means the therapy could be readily implemented to spare aging individuals from premature extinction.

While Life Extension is pushing these projects forward, we need financial help from our supporters.

We’ve created two dedicated organizations that will use donations and investments to accelerate human age-reversal research endeavors.

If any study is successful, it will be impossible to meet the demand that may occur as tens of millions of elderly individuals will clamor to get it. Think of the movie Cocoon.

Life Extension supporters will be given priority to these therapies whenever possible.

To invest in Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc., a company dedicated to rapidly developing age-reversal therapies, log on to: or call 1-866-554-7108 (24 hours).

You can also support this research by making a tax deductible donation to:

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(All donations to Life Extension Society will be used to fund human age-reversal research.) Those who want to invest in Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. after it becomes a Reg A company (that does not require investor accreditation) should indicate their interest by logging on to

Those who invest or donate might also be able to participate in these age-reversal clinical trials if they satisfy the study’s eligibility criteria.

If you have any questions on the scientific content of this article, please call a Life Extension® Wellness Specialist at 1-866-864-3027.

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