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Our Critical Mission to Reverse Human Aging

In 1980 we set out to gain total control over human aging. Back in those days no one thought this was possible. After all, from the beginning of recorded history, everyone had aged to death unless something else killed them first. So for the past 37 years, the best Life Extension Foundation® could usually recommend were ways to protect against degenerative processes.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: William Faloon.

William Faloon
William Faloon

In 1980 we set out to gain total control over human aging.

Back in those days no one thought this was possible.

After all, from the beginning of recorded history, everyone had aged to death unless something else killed them first.

So for the past 37 years, the best Life Extension Foundation® could usually recommend were ways to protect against degenerative processes.

That changed about three years ago. A culmination of research findings made it clear that scientists were able to reverse aging in mammals. There were no apparent reasons why these same rejuvenation techniques would not translate into humans.

The prospect of enabling the elderly to grow biologically younger caused me to shift into overdrive mode. Personal vacations and even the idea of taking a day off became unthinkable.

Degenerative illnesses kill 5,000 Americans each day. That means just a one-month delay in achieving meaningful age reversal can result in 150,000 people needlessly dying. A year delay equates to millions of lost lives.

This special Research Update describes how close we may be to reversing pathologic aging in maturing humans. It includes slides from presentations I’ve been giving to groups from which I seek unified participation in this unprecedented humanitarian endeavor.


We’ve reached a point where readers of this magazine can personally and financially participate in what I believe will be a biomedical renaissance more momentous than the advent of antibiotics over 70 years ago!

In battling the dogmatic inertia of his era, Albert Einstein observed that “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

For most of Life Extension®’s history, we’ve been ridiculed, persecuted, and prosecuted by the mediocre minds of governmental regulatory bodies.

Despite our multi-decade track record of introducing effective lifesaving strategies, the mainstream largely ignored our interventions aimed at sparing aging humans from the impact of degenerative disease.

World's Largest Anti-Aging Organization
  • First to introduce DHEA to delay systemic aging (1981)
  • First to introduce Asprin to prevent heart attack (1983)
  • First to introduce CoQ10 to reverse heart failure (1983)
  • First to introduce Deprenyl to delay brain aging (1986)
  • First to introduce Melatonin to improve immunity (1992)

More than 190 pioneering achievements can be viewed at:


Image with Caption
Slides copied in this article report on
founders of the world’s most successful
businesses who are funding projects
aimed at radical life extension.

This began to change recently as some of the most respected, forward-thinking billionaires of our era initiated projects aimed at finding ways to meaningfully circumvent degenerative aging processes.

This new view about reversing aging has not gone unnoticed by the media. Headline news articles reveal that credentialed scientists are pursuing novel methods of enabling old people to regain their youthful health and vitality.

When news broke that the FDA approved the first human study aimed at controlling aging, headline news worldwide proclaimed that there may be a drug (metformin) that could enable people to live to 120 years. These news reports caused senior citizens to scramble to get into this first-of-its-kind clinical trial.

We at Life Extension already knew that metformin was not by itself going to enable people to live to 120 years. That’s because we introduced metformin in the March 1995 edition of this magazine and have been interacting with individuals taking metformin ever since.

What these recent events illustrate is that:

  • The FDA and some in the medical establishment have finally recognized aging as a potentially treatable disease.
  • Some scientists believe it may be possible to improve the health and longevity of elderly people with a single existing drug.
  • There is strong public demand for a therapy that may dramatically extend healthy lifespans.

So the notion of reversing aging is transforming mainstream science. It’s now time to start making old people young again.

Fund-Raising Efforts in 2016

Each year, Life Extension supports an array of research projects aimed at extending healthy lifespans.

Image with Caption
“Dr. Church predicts his gene-editing
technology will enable the elderly to
transform back into youth within the
next 5 years, and he’s raised around
$100 million from outside investors
to make this happen.”

As we began to identify human age-reversal opportunities (some described in this month’s issue) it became apparent that we could not afford to fund all these projects on our own.

So, in August 2016, we launched a for-profit company called Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc., whereby accredited investors could buy stock in an enterprise whose sole mission was to develop and market technologies aimed at rejuvenating the elderly. The nonprofit Life Extension Foundation, Inc. is a majority beneficial owner of Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.

The rationale for starting this company was evidence that age reversal was occurring in proof-of-concept human studies. Moreover, data from animal studies continued to demonstrate the reality of inducing meaningful and systemic reversal of biological aging processes.

There was an obvious need to expand the initial human research into clinical trials whereby age-reversal interventions would be aggressively implemented and meticulously measured.

Our First Attempt to Accelerate the Research


Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. sought to raise research backing from a relatively small group of supporters who have the financial means to participate.

We wanted to jump-start the human rejuvenation projects. Instead, we had to contend with rules that limited the pool of potential investors. Only a fraction of the funding needed to initiate the age-reversal projects has been raised thus far.

It has become apparent that investing in human longevity research needs to be streamlined and available to a wider spectrum of our supporters.

We are now extending this offering, but lowering the minimum investment to $5,000 so everyone who qualifies can join our shareholder list of enthusiastic supporters. At this time, only accredited investors qualify for an investment in Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.

We’re also evaluating a Regulation A+ offering for Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. that will enable us to raise funding from the public.

Please know that all money raised to date remains in a law firm’s trust account and will not be touched until we raise sufficient funds to initiate human rejuvenation projects.

Why High-Quality Research Is Essential

Some of our supporters have suggested that we take “shortcuts” to reduce costs in order to accelerate the age-reversal research.

The problem with taking “shortcuts” is that a vital component of a project may be omitted resulting in a flawed study. This can cause either a:

  1. “False positive,” meaning the findings appear better than what really occurred, or
  2. “False negative,” meaning a critical age-reversal advance is overlooked.

Either way, money and time are squandered. Rather than take shortcuts, we need to generate sufficient funding to methodically conduct thehuman age-reversal projects you’ll read about in this Research Update.

Historic Example of “Flawed” Study


Scurvy killed far more people than what most people realize today.

James Lind was a Scottish physician who spent decades proving that fresh citrus prevented and cured scurvy.

History books relegate Dr. Lind’s discovery in 1747 to a few paragraphs. The reality is that Dr. Lind spent decades aboard ships experimenting with many different approaches to deal with the scurvy epidemic. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, on one of Dr. Lind’s voyages he noted that 380 out of 510 sailors perished from scurvy.

The research Dr. Lind painstakingly conducted, while battling the medical establishment of his time, eventually resulted in British sailors no longer suffering horrific deaths from scurvy.

In 1871, another human study was done to see if citrus really cured scurvy. Instead of using fresh citrus juice, oxidized lime juice was substituted. Since the vitamin C in the oxidized lime juice was destroyed, the study failed to show benefit and the “citrus cure” for scurvy was discredited for decades.

One tragic aspect of this flawed citrus-scurvy study was that infants from wealthy families were using pasteurized milk, which was heated to destroy bacteria. The heating process also destroyed the vitamin C.

So while countless infants were dying of scurvy, the “citrus cure” was not utilized because of the flawed study in 1871 that supposedly proved citrus juice was worthless.

We face the same dilemma with human age reversal research today. We need to carefully design and carry out studies that meticulously measure results using a variety of aging biomarkers. These include molecular analyses to assess if stem cells in older people are being reactivated and if immune competence is restored.

Validating Human Age Reversal


In some areas of research, just a small amount of additional funding provides a tremendous amount of crucial data.

By way of example, a recent study with collaborators from Stanford University sought to use existing drugs in a creative way to regenerate the thymus gland. The researchers initially intended only to measure blood markers of immune function to assess whether thymic regeneration was occurring.

One of the scientists reached out to Life Extension and stated that for $60,000, detailed MRI scans could verify whether thymic regeneration was really happening. We did not hesitate to provide this money. You’ll learn the preliminary results of these MRI scans in this special Research Update.

It’s also important to know that this $60,000 (a small part of our $10 million annual research budget) came from the support you provide to Life Extension.

Note that Life Extension Foundation is and remains separate from Age Reversal Therapeutics, although we are the largest shareholder. An investment into Age Reversal Therapeutics is separate from and does not give the investor any rights to Life Extension.

Investing in Age-Reversal Technologies


We’ve had multiple inquiries from supporters who want to help fund human studies, but who either are not “accredited investors” or cannot commit to the previous $25,000 minimum.

Accordingly, we are lowering the minimum investment amount to $5,000 for our current offering, which remains only open to accredited investors.

We’re contemplating a Regulation A+ offering which will be available to both accredited and unaccredited investors. Those who invest might also be able to participate as participants in these age-reversal clinical trials if they satisfy the study’s eligibility criteria.

If any study is successful, it will be impossible to meet the demand that may occur as tens of millions of elderly individuals will clamor to get it. Our supporters will be given priority whenever possible.

To invest in Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc., which has been established to rapidly develop age-reversal therapies, log on to: or call 1-866-554-7108 (24 hours)

At this time, accredited investors can invest as little as $5,000.

We also need to know how many of you are willing to invest in a Regulation A+ offering that does not require “accredited investor” status.

To indicate your interest in helping to fund these ambitious projects, please log on to and let us know the amount you are interested in investing, starting around May 15, 2017.

Donating to This Humanitarian Project


We know many of you want to help accelerate these age-reversal initiatives, but cannot afford to invest the minimum of $5,000, or prefer an immediate tax deduction over a deferred profit potential.

A tax exempt organization called Life Extension Society maintains a fund dedicated exclusively to human age-reversal research endeavors. When we announced the establishment of this special fund in August 2015, almost $40,000 in donations were received and remain in place waiting to assist a major human age-reversal project.

Tax deductible donations can be mailed to:

  • Life Extension Society
  • 3600 West Commercial Blvd.
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

All donations to Life Extension Society will be used strictly to fund human age-reversal research. The reason that none of the original donations have been used are bureaucratic delays encountered in launching a human study aimed at using stem cell-mobilized young plasma to enable older persons to grow younger.

Considerable progress has been made. This age reversal study utilizing stem cell-mobilized young plasma is virtually ready to begin as soon as funding is secured.

Where We Are Today


Life Extension is funding a wide range of projects aimed at keeping you alive and healthy. To properly initiate the human rejuvenation projects described in this Research Update we need to raise necessary starting capital.

In place right now are dedicated scientists, protocols, facilities, equipment, and medications to rapidly launch these studies in older people. All that’s missing is the funding.

Over 300,000 people read this publication and many more log on to our website each month. A meaningful percent of our supporters are high net worth individuals.

My goal is to educate our supporters so they understand that money they invest or donate may enable all of us to live longer, while reversing many degenerative illnesses we may have already contracted.

My Personal Commitment

I have no personal financial stake in Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. or the non-profit Life Extension Society. I’ve nonetheless spent an enormous amount of time over the past two years seeking to generate funding to support scientists who I believe hold the keys to controlling biological aging in human beings.

I’ve agreed to assume the role as interim CEO of Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. for no salary or stock until funds are raised and the research projects commence. I will then immerse myself with the scientists to expeditiously push these human age-reversal initiatives forward.

I don’t consider this a personal sacrifice as much as my moral obligation to take my innate organizational talents and use them to accelerate the development of technologies that may radically extend healthy human lifespans.

My greatest fear is that we fail to fund pioneering physician/scientists who are ready to launch the human studies now. These researchers won’t be around forever.

Just imagine if one of these scientists later turns out to be an Alexander Fleming, whose publication in 1929 of penicillin led to antibiotics that have saved hundreds of millions of lives.

So I plead with those able to help fund these projects to do so, for their own sake as well as all of mankind.

For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon, Co-Founder
Life Extension Foundation, Inc.
Life Extension Society, Inc.
Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.

Age Reversal Funding Options

1) To invest in the fund dedicated to rapidly developing age-reversal therapies, log onto:

  • or call 1-866-554-7108 (24 hours)
  • or email our Chief Operating Officer
  • at:

2) To make a tax deductible donation to exclusively support human age-reversal research, send a check to:

  • Life Extension Society
  • 3600 West Commercial Blvd.
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
  • Or call 1-866-554-7108

3) To indicate your interest in investing after we become a public company (around May 15, 2017), please log on to:

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