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Scientists at table discussing RAADfest 2018 reports

RAADfest 2018

At this year’s RAADfest, findings will be announced showing reversal of aging factors in humans. The audience will be able to directly interact with speakers and like-minded individuals. The ultimate objective is to outline a systematic protocol for achieving meaningful reversals of pathological aging processes. Also provided is a financial report to demonstrate the nonprofit nature of this annual conference.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: William Faloon.

We live in an unprecedented era as it relates to our knowledge about the underlying causes of aging.

Headlines routinely report on billionaires who are funding projects aimed at significantly extending healthy lifespans.

We at the Life Extension Buyers Club applaud all efforts to turn aging into a relic of the past, as smallpox and polio were last century.

But the complexity of the causes of aging makes it unlikely that one person will discover an ultimate cure.

A better approach is to engage with a broad array of scientists, activists, organizations and interested individuals through open sharing of information and inspiration.

This is the premise behind the annual RAADfest that will be held this year on September 20 — 23, 2018 in San Diego, California.

Sponsored by Life Extension®, RAADfest stands for the Revolution Against Aging and Death.

What distinguishes RAADfest from any event on the planet is the focus on human age reversal, group collaboration, community building and personal involvement.

Unlike typical conferences where you get lost in the crowd and feel buried in technical jargon, RAADfest brings people and experts together in a friendly atmosphere of collaboration and motivation.

What you need to know

The Revolution Against Aging and Disease Festival is the most popular event in the world of its kind. The most renowned scientists and contributors to the fight toward indefinite lifespan will be attending. Results from a wide range of interventions will be announced, and anyone with a vehement passion for life will not want to miss it!

RAADfest 2018—Practical Approaches to Age-reversal.

For the past 38 years, Life Extension has relentlessly introduced scientific methods aimed at systematically abolishing limitations imposed by degenerative aging.

Now, rather than merely slowing aging and protecting against degenerative illness, we’ve entered a new era of regenerative medicine. At RAADfest 2018 we expect to announce results from a wide range of interventions including:


Age-Reversal Mechanism

Dasatinib/Quercetin Selective removal of senescent cells
NAD+ infusion Repair broken DNA/Re-energize cells
Young plasma/cord infusions Restore pro-youth proteins/hormones
Stem cell exosomes Cell regeneration/telomere lengthening
Rapamycin/metformin Turn on autophagy/stem-cell renewal
GDF11 Restore this pro-youth hormone
Thymus regeneration Partial reversal of immune senescence
Periodic fasting Restore hematopoietic function/immunity

RAADfest is the first large-scale event where multiple methods to reverse human aging are presented by credentialed individuals.

It’s also important to note that many of these interventions are affordable. The news media has disseminated misleading reports that only the wealthy will be able to achieve indefinitely extended lifespans.

As you will learn, some of the interventions cost relatively little. Prices will likely plummet as more of the public realizes they can defy their hereditary longevity limitations.

There Is No Time to Waste

Each day, over 5,000 Americans perish from a degenerative illness. Included in this carnage are longevity enthusiasts whose biological clock dwindled before regenerative interventions were initiated. Stated succinctly, time is running out for many of our longtime supporters (including me)!

For these reasons, RAADfest 2018 will focus on specific therapies now in human trials, and the opportunity to directly connect with researchers who have often self-experimented. There will be lots of group interactions, question-and-answer sessions, and other forms of communication that will enable you to initiate practical rejuvenation approaches based on your individual needs.

The ultimate objective of RAADfest is to support systematic strategies to counteract all known pathologies involved in degenerative aging. Yes, this is an ambitious undertaking. But the science is so close that it is now realistic to speak in these terms.

Register for RAADfest 2018 now to take advantage of advanced discount pricing by calling 1-480-345-6554 (24 hours) or log on to

I look forward to seeing you personally at RAADfest.

At RAADfest 2018 I expect to present results from clinical studies in which reversals of clinical measures and biomarkers of aging appear to have already occurred.

Clinical measurements evaluate blood pressure, glucose, lipids, and tissue/organ functions. When these improve, we suspect we are reducing degenerative disease risk and possibly inducing regenerative effects.

Biomarkers of aging may include telomere length, DNA methylation patterns and immune risk/inflammatory profiles. When these improve, it indicates we may be achieving reversals of aging itself.

Anecdotal feedback can help corroborate if improvements of clinical measures and aging biomarkers are translating into youthful vitality and wellbeing.

How to Register for RAADFest 2018

Most people delay registering and pay a fee of $647 to attend. If you register by March 15th, 2018, your cost is only $497.

As you can see from the financial report on the first page of this article, RAADfest is a nonprofit endeavor and the registration fees paid equate closely with the hard costs of putting on the event, including three free meals and direct access to marquee names in the life-extension sciences.

You can register to attend RAADfest 2018 by calling 1-480-345-6554 (24 hours) or log on to

I look forward to RAADfest each year as it enables me to personally interact with so many of you who enable age-reversal research projects to be funded.

Life Extension is Proud to Be a Founding Sponsor


How did RAADfest get started? As scientific evidence mounted, I received calls from activists suggesting that Life Extension sponsor a conference whereby scientists and longevity enthusiasts exchange concepts to accelerate development of rejuvenation therapies.

We at Life Extension guaranteed $200,000 up-front in case the conference was unable to cover expenses.

Speakers at RAADfest focus on an array of topics, including visions for the future, current research, as well as how society will adapt and transform to a shifting paradigm of radically extended lifespans.

RAADfest provides a lot of enjoyment as well with live entertainment, a planned party, and impromptu evening get-togethers. All of this on an affordable resort hotel property to make this unique gathering an inspiring and heartwarming experience for all those interested in radical life extension. After all, if we want to extend life, we need to celebrate it too!

The main theme for RAADfest 2018 is disseminating information about practical approaches of reversing biological senescence in order to realize the goal of ending aging in our lifetime.

Findings from proof-of-concept studies will be announced that reveal reversal of aging factors in human study subjects, with the potential to do more very soon. The audience will be able to submit questions for the speakers and directly interact with speakers and like-minded individuals, all of which will provide an engaging and interactive experience throughout the event.

RAADfest is presented by the nonprofit Coalition for Radical Life Extension, directed by James Strole, whose purpose is to unite like-minded people in ways that will benefit all of humanity, including readers of Life Extension Magazine®.

If this were a profit-making business, registration would be over $1,200, especially when considering the healthy meals included in the package. The goal is to keep registration fees low so that as many people can afford to attend as possible.

As you can see from the financial report (on opening page of this article), RAADfest operates on a very lean budget in order to remain as accessible as possible to more people.

Register Now to Save $$$

If you register by March 15th, 2018, your cost to attend this year’s RAADfest is $497. (The price goes up considerably after this date.)

To register at this discount price call 1-480-345-6554 (24 hours) or log on to

About the Coalition for Radical Life Extension

The nonprofit Coalition for Radical Life Extension consists of groups supporting healthy longevity including Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Research Foundation, People Unlimited Inc. led by James Strole and Bernadeane, Dave Kekich’s Maximum Life Foundation, Liz Parrish’s Bio Viva, Bill Andrews’s Sierra Sciences, along with Life Extension®, the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders, and others.

You can register to attend RAADfest 2018 by calling 1-480-345-6554 (24 hours) or log on to

For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon, Volunteer Board Member

Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Financial Report

Coalition for Radical Life Extension – RAADfest 2017

  Ticket Sales $321,000.35
  Sponsors $49,000.00
  Exhibit Booths $19,145.00
  Video Sales $8,878.70
  Sales from DVD $4,911.42
  T-Shirts Sales $3,997.25
  Bookstore Sales $3,256.05
  Donations $82.69
  Interest $18.23
Total Revenues $410,289.69
Other Revenue  
  Donation (LEF—Facebook Promotion) $5,000.00
TOTAL REVENUES $415,289.69
  Officers Liability $1,620.00
  Liability for Event $251.00
  Total Cost of Insurance $1,871.00
  Merchant Account Fees $10,894.00
  Subscriptions/Dues $1,692.66
  Bank Service Charges $254.00
  Total Cost of Fees $12,840.66
  CVENT & APP $18,144.20
  Facebook PD promotions $8,602.10
  Affiliate $1,000.00
  Total Marketing/Promotion $27,746.30
Event Costs  
  Food & Beverage $194,299.96
  AV/Audio – AV101 – $39,800.00
  Accomodation Staff/VIP $27,500.00
  AVMS – Rigging – Internet $16,039.39
  Hotel Deposits $10,000.00
  Videographer $11,000.00
  Graphics $7,888.80
  Graphics $5,769.00
  Sponsored Transport $2,600.63
  Draping $2,350.00
  Rental Stools x12 $554.00
  Play – Director $450.00
  Total Costs for Event Costs $318,251.78
Contract Services  
  Sponsor/Exhibit $24,930.00
  Admin Support $12,740.00
  Promotions $8,600.00
  Marketing $7,700.00
  Total Cost for Contract Services $53,970.00
  Banner Stage $2,240.00
  Coalition Video $1,099.00
  Step/Repeat Banner $565.44
  Coalition Banner $535.00
  Portable Printer $101.00
  Total Cost of Equipment $4,540.44
  Give Aways $2,310.50
  Telephone Communication $1,728.82
  Photocopying/Printing $1,240.00
  Copmputer/Internet $755.35
  Total Cost of Administration $6,034.67
TOTAL EXPENSES $425,254.85
NET INCOME $9,965.16