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Natural Methods to Enhance Immune Function

Immune senescence underlies many diseases of aging. Life Extension® has worked with scientists for decades seeking to restore youthful immune function.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: William Faloon.

Immune senescence underlies common diseases of aging.

Most people view weakened immunity as a risk factor for cancer and infectious disease.

A lesser-known impact of an aged immune system is inflammation caused by overactive cytokines that damage the brain, lungs, arteries and bone.

This dual impairment whereby protective immune components like naïve T-cells diminish while pro-inflammatory cytokines increase, is a hallmark of immune senescence.

Not only do we lose the ability to defend against cancers and infections, but underlying inflammation destroys our neurons, kidneys and joint cartilage.1,2

To reverse this decline, Life Extension® has worked with scientists for decades seeking to restore youthful immune function.

We reported earlier this year on a landmark study in which the thymus gland of older people was regenerated after a one-year protocol using growth hormone, metformin, and DHEA. The participants were also given zinc and vitamin D3 supplements.

In this study, immune markers improved, and the biological age of the elderly subjects was reversed by 2.5 years!

These kinds of medical advances that Life Extension® helped support made headline news worldwide.

This immune-regenerative protocol using growth hormone, metformin, and DHEA is now moving into expanded clinical trials.

The slides on the next page highlight what I present to live audiences about this human study published in December 2019.

As we await widespread availability of better immune-boosting therapies, people are seeking natural compounds that have been shown to enhance immune functions in peer-reviewed scientific studies.

The two articles that begin on page 28 will educate readers about some of the approaches currently available that have been shown to help restore immune functionality.

Partial Reversal of Immune Senescence

Womans Eyes

Study conducted by Dr. Greg Fahy in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University and UCLA consisted of individualized doses of:

1. Human growth hormone (hGH)


3. Metformin

Study subjects were also provided with daily vitamin D3 and zinc.

Source: Reversal of epigenetic aging and immunosenescent trends in humans. Aging Cell. 2019 Dec;18(6):e13028

Cocktail of Drugs Gives First Hope That ‘Biological Age’ Can Be Reversed

Scientists at Intervene Immune and Stanford Medical Center say they have proven that ‘epigenetic aging can be reversed in humans.’

…they are optimistic that a person’s biological age can be reversed.”

Age markers reversed by 2.5 years!

As seen in Forbes, September 9, 2019. Source:

Turning Back Time

Image of gland

Aging is REVERSED in men using a cocktail of growth hormones and diabetes drugs in study that saw test group shed 2.5 biological years.”

As seen in Daily Mail, October 22, 2019. Source:


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