Alliance for longevity initiatives

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives

This independent nonprofit organization works to accelerate delivery of promising lifesaving therapeutics to the public.

Scientifically reviewed by: Gary Gonzalez, MD, in March 2024. Written by: Dylan V. Livingston and Brenda EAP, PHD.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives (A4LI) is an independent 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, dedicated to "advancing legislation and policies that aim to increase healthy human lifespan, with a focus on accelerating equitable access to next-generation therapies," according to its mission statement.

Founded in 2022 by Dylan V. Livingston, CEO, A4LI advocates for policies and initiatives that extend human healthspan and end the threat of age-related diseases (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer's disease). It was created to advance biomedical technology and increase its accessibility to the public.

Dylan V. Livingston Founder & CEO

Dylan V. Livingston
Founder & CEO

Brenda Eap, PhD VP of Operations

Brenda Eap,
PhD VP of Operations

Jonathan Ross Director of Communications

Jonathan Ross,
Director of Communications

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives fosters the collaboration between policy advocates and longevity scientists in academic institutions and biotechnology companies to ensure legislative action is supporting the needs of scientists and entrepreneurs.

Formation of the First Longevity Science Caucus

In February 2023, the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives was the driving force behind the formation of the first Longevity Science Caucus, made up of a bipartisan group of Congressional House members representing districts with a prominent biotech industry presence.

The caucus was formed to promote an increase in appropriations for biology of aging research, support aging and longevity biotechnology, and facilitate streamlined regulations, all of which will help Americans sustain a healthy lifespan.

The bipartisan caucus is made up of members of the Energy and Commerce Committee which has jurisdiction over biomedical research in the U.S.

State of Montana Expands ‘Right-to-Try Act’

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives worked closely with Montana's State Senate in the passage of Senate Bill 422 — an expansion in access under the existing Right-to-Try law.

As of October 1, 2023, all patients (not just terminally ill patients) in Montana have the right to access therapeutics that have passed Phase I safety trials, cutting down the theoretical time it takes for therapies to go from bench to bedside.

The expansion of this bill seeks to amend several sections of Montana's law, allowing a manufacturer of an investigational drug, biological product, or device to provide the treatment to an eligible patient who has requested it.

With the establishment of the Longevity Science Caucus, the A4LI is working towards making promising longevity therapeutics in the pipeline accessible and equitable to the public.

One example of A4LI work is the whitepaper on "The Advanced Approval Pathway for Longevity Medicine" which is a fast-track approval pathway that aims to expedite the market entry of anti-aging therapies.

The briefings held on Capitol Hill provided the opportunity to educate dozens of offices. The successful expansion of the "Right-to-Try Act' in Montana has created a dialogue around advocating for the same expansion across the U.S., ensuring that many more people have the right to access health and longevity therapeutics as soon as possible.

"The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives is very proud of what we have accomplished... since its public launch," said founder and CEO Dylan V. Livingston.

"But the work done so far is just the tip of the iceberg. We must sustain and expand their legislative impact. We must reorient the U.S. government's priorities so that its main focus is keeping its citizenry as healthy as possible for as long as possible."

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