Review on degenerative aging

As We See It: Rationale for Combined Interventions

In a massive review published in 2023, scientists stressed the urgent need for combination approaches to target degenerative aging.

By William Faloon.

William Faloon
William Faloon

A massive scientific review published in 2023 describes "aging" as a top global concern.1

The authors of this review emphasize the urgent need for effective interventions to decrease late-life disorders and improve human healthspans.

The authors note that the number of compounds that have extended lifespan in laboratory models has nearly tripled in recent years.

These compounds largely affect differing biological mechanisms.

This prompted the authors to propose a rationale for the use of combinations of anti-aging interventions, something that most readers of this magazine attempt to do today.

In recent years, low-cost nutrients have been identified that are associated with longer lifespans.

One challenge is to ingest optimal potencies that target specific age-accelerating pathways. None of us wants to omit affordable nutrients that have life-extending potential.

A nutrient that has garnered attention in recent years is spermidine. Found in wheat and other foods, spermidine has been shown to increase median lifespan in different species, including:2-6

300% in yeast
30% in flies
10% in older, aged mice 

Observational studies in people associate increased spermidine ingestion with lower risk of cardiovascular7 and cognitive disorders,8,9 along with reduced mortality.10-12

Spermidine functions via several mechanisms including boosting cellular housekeeping (autophagy).4,13-15 Some scientists describe spermidine as a calorie restriction mimetic.16

We welcome randomized controlled trials that attempt to validate the lifespan-enhancing effects of differing interventions in people. For those seeking to delay degenerative aging now, we don't have time to wait for results from multi-decade clinical trials.

Taurine and Lithium

A landmark study published in the journal Science described the amino acid taurine as an "anti-aging intervention."17

The authors of this study demonstrated how taurine levels plummet as people grow older. They showed higher levels of taurine are associated with lower BMI and lower prevalence of abdominal obesity, inflammation, and type II diabetes.

When taurine was supplemented in middle-aged mice, life expectancy increased by 18%-25%. Taurine-fed mice appeared healthier, having less body fat, more bone mass, and better insulin sensitivity.

The dose of taurine found to be effective at supporting cardiovascular health in human trials is about 5,000 mgs a day.18-20

It requires 1,500 mgs of wheat germ to obtain the desired potency of spermidine.2,4,9-11,21

A mineral we've talked about for many years is lithium. In regions with higher lithium in drinking water, people tend to live longer.22-24  

Managing the bottles and swallowing the capsules needed to obtain these potencies can be challenging.

This prompted the formulation of a combination of nutrients into a daily scoop of powder. The savings and ability to easily ingest higher potencies make compliance simpler than it has been.

The article on page 32 of this month's issue outlines the science that supports nutrients associated with longer life and enhanced healthspans.

The box on this page summarizes a massive review emphasizing the need for combination approaches to target aging.

What Can You Do Today?

The most important steps to avoid premature morbidities and mortality are to optimize blood pressure and have comprehensive blood tests.

Blood tests can identify correctable risk factors long before they manifest outwardly as serious illness or death.

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Compound Combinations Targeting Longevity: Challenges and Perspectives

“Anti-aging drug therapy is one of the most promising strategies to combat aging.”

“Most geroprotective compounds affect only a few biological targets.”

“There is a great rationale for use of combinations of anti-aging interventions.”

“Aging is currently at the top of the major global concerns, urgently requiring effective, large-scale interventions to decrease the number of late-life disorders and improve human healthspan.”

Published January 13, 20231

For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon


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