How to minimize herpes outbreaks

How to minimize herpes outbreaks

Nutrients that support the immune system or aid in viral suppression can be useful to maintain long term wellness. These and other helpful therapies are discussed in Life Extension’s herpes protocol. Protocols for immune senescence and stress management may also be helpful.

Herpes Science & Research

Finding the right information related to a health condition can be daunting. Explore these basic questions about gout. See our herpes protocol to delve even deeper into the subject.

Frequently Asked Herpes Questions

Can your immune system fight herpes?

Although the immune system is usually considered unable to eradicate the herpes virus once you have it, immune cells do play a critical role in suppressing the virus, which can limit the number and severity of outbreaks. Outbreaks are more likely to happen when a person is under stress or is not getting enough sleep or nutrition. This is thought to be related to the way optimal management of stress, sleep and nutrition support an effective, capable immune system. So, the number one factor for preventing and managing herpes outbreaks is a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Are there any home remedies for herpes?

Vitamin C, if taken within 48 hours of the onset of tingling or itching, may help to prevent an oral herpes outbreak. If an outbreak has occurred, plant compounds called fucoidans, derived from edible seaweeds, can help speed the healing and inhibit the reactivation of herpes lesions. In addition, the over-the-counter gastric reflux medication, Cimetidine, has been shown to suppress the herpes zoster virus through a beneficial impact on immune function. For symptomatic relief, cool baths and wet compresses can help subdue itching and pain during an outbreak.

What can you do to prevent a herpes outbreak?

For oral herpes, minimizing sunlight exposure and using sunscreen on the lips is an important preventative measure. For herpes in general, choosing a healthy lifestyle and diet will support the immune system, which can help suppress the herpes virus and reduce outbreaks. If additional immune support is needed, reishi mushroom extract has been shown to encourage a healthy immune response. Finally, the amino acid lysine helps suppress herpes virus replication, reducing frequency, duration and severity of herpes outbreaks.

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