Women's most common health problems

Women's most common health problems

Disease statistics have generated awareness concerning the importance of breast health throughout a woman’s life. While breast cancer affects both men and women, women account for 99% of cases. Knowing your family history is important, as are regular breast examinations. A sound diet and regular exercise are practical approaches to help maintain healthy cell division in breast tissue.

Science and Research About Women’s Health

Women's Health Science & Research

Optimize your wellness with a healthy diet, regular exercise and the focused vitamins and nutrients that help maintain women’s health.

Frequently Asked Women's Health Questions

What are the top health issues for women in developed countries?

Most people know that heart disease is the number one cause of death for men, but few people realize it is also the number one threat to women. In addition to heart disease, women face some unique health challenges. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis, depression and autoimmune disease than men. Regular well-woman check-ups and heart disease screenings can help women combat these common health conditions.

What are healthy aging tips for women?

Protecting bones, breasts, brain and heart are especially important as women age, and regular exercise, a healthy weight and a balanced diet are imperative to a woman’s health. In addition, calcium, trace minerals and vitamins D and K2 help support healthy bones. The brain can benefit from the nutrients choline, serine and blueberry extracts. Breasts are offered protection by vitamin D, iodine and cruciferous vegetables. In addition to vitamins D and K2, CoQ10 and pomegranate are nutrients that provide powerful cardiovascular support. Since sex hormones can also play a role in the health of these key areas, many aging women also choose to use bioidentical hormone replacement as an anti-aging strategy.

What super foods should every woman eat?

Our refrigerator can become a medicine cabinet if we make it a point to include superfoods in our diet. Superfoods are nutrient-dense and powerfully support our health. Broccoli is one such food that can both help protect against cancer and help women process estrogen, making it breast-protective. Blueberries protect against cognitive decline and have blood sugar regulating and cardiovascular-supporting properties. Cultured yogurt is another food women can regularly consume due to its bone-supporting calcium content and beneficial bacteria, which can help with digestion and promote vaginal health. Last but not least, green tea and dark chocolate pack an antioxidant punch, supporting both brain and heart health.

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