Best In Class

Advanced Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract, Ginger & Turmerones

  • 30 softgels
  • Item # 02324
Best In Class

Advanced Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract, Ginger & Turmerones

  • 30 softgels
  • Item # 02324

Highly absorbable curcumin with complementary plant extracts

We’ve augmented our ultra-bioavailable Curcumin Elite™ curcumin-fenugreek combo with complementary ginger and turmerone extracts to create our Best in Class curcumin formula.
Gluten free Non-GMO
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Advanced Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract, Ginger & Turmerones

30 softgels

  • $20.00
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$0.60/count | 30 Day Supply

What Is Curcumin Elite?

Curcuminoids give curcumin its health benefits. Curcumin Elite™ has 45.5 times more bioavailability and broader tissue uptake of free curcuminoids than standard curcumin. Plus we added turmeric oil compounds and a potent ginger extract, supercharging our formula’s health benefits. The result is a curcumin supplement like nothing else we offer.

We’ve augmented our ultra-absorbable curcumin-fenugreek combo with complementary ginger and turmerone extracts.

Curcumin Elite™ Ginger & Turmerones Turmeric Extract Benefits

  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response, cardiovascular health, brain health, & immune response
  • Delivers 45x more bioavailable free curcuminoids and 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids*
  • Augmented with turmerones & ginger extracts to complement curcumin’s health benefits
  • Better together: take with Pro Resolving Mediators for maximum health benefits

*Than unformulated curcumin

What is curcumin?

Curcumin is an extract derived from the spice turmeric. It promotes a healthy inflammatory response, as well as whole-body health.

Why did we add ginger extract?

Compounds found in ginger encourage healthy inflammatory response, support immune health and have other complementary whole-body health benefits.

Advanced Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract, Ginger & Turmerones

Fenugreek: The Secret to Advanced Curcumin Elite™

Advanced Curcumin Elite™ protects free curcuminoids from conjugation by combining curcumin with fenugreek fibers. Doing so produces more bioavailability and tissue distribution of free curcuminoids than unformulated curcumin, and they last much longer in the bloodstream. That translates into more comprehensive whole-body health support from a curcumin supplement.

Curcuminoids are the compounds in curcumin that help inhibit inflammation to support joint and vital organ health, promote healthy immune response, encourage heart health and provide potent cellular protection against free radicals. But the total amount of free curcuminoids delivered by standard curcumin is low.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 softgel

Amount Per Serving

Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend

500 mg

providing 40% curcuminoids (200 mg) and 3% turmerones (15 mg) [from Turmeric (rhizome)], 30% galactomannans (150 mg) [from Fenugreek (seed)]  
Gingerols [from Ginger CO2 extract (root)] 60 mg

Turmerones [from turmeric extract oil (rhizome)]

60 mg

Other ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, sunflower lecithin, carob color, beeswax.


Dosage and Use
  • Take one (1) softgel daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Actual Size

Pill Size Image

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