How to Minimize Cancer’s Physical and Economic Impact

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How to Minimize Cancer Physical and Economic Impact

As one of the leading causes of mortality in the developed world, cancer affects us all. In its quest to advance human health and longevity, Life Extension® recognizes the necessity of doing all we can to fight this potentially devastating disease.

Our goal is to increase public awareness of not only complementary therapies to help prevent and treat cancer, but also the economic challenges experienced by those who battle it every day.

Paying for essential medications can sometimes wipe out an individual’s or family’s life savings. Some newer drugs cost over $100,000 per year and may not be the only medications needed during treatment. Men and women covered by Medicare or private insurance can still face significant copayments.

Yet there may be other, less expensive and more readily available therapies that can help boost the effectiveness of standard cancer treatments.

Integrate Novel Strategies with Standard Cancer Therapies

Novel dietary and supplementation strategies have been developed by Life Extension® that can be integrated with physician-supervised regimens. Ongoing perusal of current medical literature enables Life Extension® to report information concerning new preventative steps and therapies that may offer hope where currently little exists.

The slow progress in the approval of new cancer therapies and the severe impact of the disease on the individual and society has made integrating dietary and supplement strategies a priority. Fortunately, these novel strategies have been backed by the results of thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

Life Extension® has reviewed and published these integrative strategies in several easy-to-read protocols, including cancers of the breast, prostate, brain and others.

Improving Diet for Maximum Results

The importance of fruit and vegetable intake in the prevention of many cancers is recognized by most authorities in the field. In fact, the American Cancer Society recommends that we eat at least 2½ cups of vegetables and fruits each day.

Scientific investigation of the protective properties of these foods has revealed a number of important compounds. Curcumin from the spice turmeric, lycopene from tomatoes, substances in green tea, pomegranate and broccoli and more have shown promise in cancer prevention and can be added to the diet in the form of supplements.

Assess Personal Risk with Simple Lab Testing

Additionally, Life Extension® offers the convenience of lab testing that can be ordered by individuals, and without a prescription, to assess disease risk or monitor tumor markers. The latter is helpful when evaluating the effectiveness of cancer therapies.

We provide tests for assessing your risk and for early detection of prostate, colon and breast cancer.

Working with your doctor, you can use the results to integrate novel preventative and treatment strategies with standard conventional approaches.

Greater understanding of cancer—how and why it exists—will aid in the identification of mechanisms that can be targeted, either by prevention or after the disease has been diagnosed. Life Extension® looks forward to the arrival of a day when cancer is a chronic, treatable condition or, better yet, eliminated entirely.