Gut Feelings: Supporting GI Health

Gut Feelings: Supporting GI Health

After you eat, your meal takes a long and winding journey through your gastrointestinal tract—a lengthy and complex system that nourishes every vital organ with the nutrients from what you've consumed, so that you can be your healthiest self. It's important to keep your GI tract healthy to support gastric comfort and maintain optimal digestive health—and fortunately, you can be proactive about promoting a happy belly with the right lifestyle tweaks. Here are our top tips.

  1. Choose foods that are easy to digest

    Being mindful of the foods you eat—and how much is on your plate—are the first steps to a healthy GI tract. Adhering to a Mediterranean diet, with a plate filled with fresh fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains and healthy fats, will not only support your digestive system, but your overall health in general. Make sure to eat fiber and probiotic-rich foods to help support the movement of the food through your GI tract. Importantly, make sure you are taking smaller, slower bites of food to help break down what you are eating to support overall digestion.

  2. Supplement smartly

    A healthy diet does not always provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs, so it is important to supplement for support. Support your GI health with folate and vitamin B, which help metabolize and break down the foods that you eat. Probiotics are key to ensuring you have the right balance of "good" gut bacteria.

  3. Live a GI-friendly lifestyle

    You might not realize it, but one of the biggest benefits of a healthy lifestyle is normal digestion. Staying active isn't just about weight management—it also keeps your bowels moving optimally. Most importantly, for overall health and for your gastrointestinal health, avoid tobacco and reduce your alcohol consumption. 

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Achieve your optimal GI tract health with healthy meals, targeted nutrition, regular exercise and sensible lifestyle choices.

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Which vitamins help support GI health?

Several vitamins are associated with supporting optimal gastrointestinal health. Supplementation with niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin B12 can also help support the digestive tract. Vitamin D may also help promote gastrointestinal health.


How do you support healthy digestion?

In addition to consuming smaller meals, probiotic and prebiotic supplementation can help support healthy digestion. Betaine hydrochloride is also available as a supplement to help support digestion.


Which supplements support GI health?

Beneficial bacteria that reside in the digestive tract support the health of the gastrointestinal system. Probiotic supplements and prebiotic supplements (which support probiotic growth) help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria to promote gastrointestinal health.

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