Lab Testing Services

More than 200 tests—ordering is easy.

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Lab Testing Services

More than 200 tests—ordering is easy.

Shop All Lab Tests A-Z

How It Works

Ordering lab tests through Life Extension® is quick and easy. Just complete the requisition form and take it to a nearby Lab Corps Patient Service Center. They will then collect your blood, urine or saliva. When the results come in, give us a call. Our Wellness Specialists are here to help review your results. Plus, print out a copy and take it with you to your next doctor’s visit.

1 Order The Kit
2 Go to Lab and take the test
3 Discuss with your doctor or a Life Extension Wellness Specialist



You have access to very knowledgeable persons who explain each test and help you get on track with your concerns.

Lab Test Service

Submitted 1 year ago ● By Sandra ● From Royston, Ga. ● Verified Buyer

Fast service

I took the test on Saturday and had the results on Monday...takes over a week at doctor the appointment and the co-pay...Life Extension is great.

Lab Test Service

Submitted 10 months ago ● By Jim W ● From Boca Raton, Florida ● Verified Buyer

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How It Works

What does the price of the laboratory test include?

  • A doctor's order for testing
  • All lab / testing fees
  • A blood draw fee
  • A copy of your results
  • A review of your results with our specially trained Wellness Specialists. Call 1-800-226-2370 to take advantage of this service.

Do I need to visit a doctor to get a lab order before getting tested?

No. As part of your test price, we provide an order from a licensed doctor in your state through our network.

Can I use my insurance?

No. All laboratory testing must be privately paid for at the time of purchase. We accept credit/debit cards and checks. We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance companies. Also, we are unable to provide ICD-10 or CPT codes or our Tax ID number.

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Locate the convenient LabCorp Patient Service Center closest to you. Do not follow this link if you live in NY, NJ, RI, MD, or MA. Residents of these states cannot have their blood drawn at LabCorp.

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