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Issue: Feb 1998

The Foundation's Website

The Foundation's website is now the world's most comprehensive one-stop source for health products and life extension information.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, on January 2021.

The Foundation's website has undergone a major upgrade, creating the world's most comprehensive Internet source for health products and life extension information.

For the past seven months, the Life Extension Foundation has employed a team of experts working day and night to redesign, revamp and expand our World Wide Web site in dramatic fashion. This extraordinary effort has come about because we consider the Internet (of which the Web is an integral part) to be the most powerful communications system ever developed. We believe it is the ideal medium to carry the Life Extension Foundation's revolutionary program to every corner of the globe.

Until now, the Foundation's program has only reached a small audience. Few people around the world have heard of our innovative disease protocols, anti-aging therapies, ceaseless efforts to fight for freedom in health care, and ground-breaking research to extend the human life span. Thus far, the Foundation has existed in relative obscurity, while toiling for 18 years to help keep our members alive and healthy.

We feel it is now time to unleash our revolutionary program throughout the world. The Foundation believes the World Wide Web is uniquely suited to communicate our message globally because of its following features:

Our new web site is available to anyone on Earth with a computer, phone and modem. Every year, the number of people who have access to the Web increases dramatically. Experts have estimated that the 60 million people worldwide who currently have access to the Web will increase to between 200 million and 300 million in the next few years, and that by 2010 it should be available to virtually every person on the planet.

It has virtually unlimited capacity to carry information. Every other communications medium is limited by time or space, because, in reality, there's only so much you can put into a book or TV program. Further, much of what is put into other media either is lost or forgotten very quickly. With the Web, however, we can post a vast amount of information on every subject related to Life Extension. We also will be able to maintain information posted on our site year after year, a critical advantage which will enable visitors to gain a comprehensive picture of the field of Life Extension, as well as the unique benefits of the Life Extension Foundation.

The website has the best method ever devised for finding and accessing information. Posting a vast amount of information would be of little value if it wasn't possible to have easy access to this information. The Web features hypertext, a remarkable method of moving through a large body of information. Hypertext enables the user to move from one area of the web to another merely by clicking with a mouse on a highlighted word or phrase on the screen. Hypertext provides unprecedented navigation abilities in a vast ocean of information. Moreover, new advances in Web technology will soon improve the speed and ease of navigating through this ocean.

Unprecedented Updating

It enables the Foundation to update things with unprecedented speed and flexibility, to your benefit. It isn't easy to change what's in a newspaper, magazine, book or TV show. After all, once information is published or broadcast, the only way of modifying it is through the issuance of another publication or broadcast. Further, the necessity of having separate information-carrying vehicles to update information makes it difficult to maintain continuity of perception and understanding. With the Web, on the other hand, we can make changes quickly and easily at any time.

One way we'll be taking advantage of the unique features of the Web is to post new information on the Life Extension site frequently. Much of this new information will not be new at all to longtime Foundation members, but will be very new to the rest of the world. In most cases, we'll continue to send out new information to our members before we post it on the Web, but, on occasion, when we bring out a new product with potential life-or-death impact, or when we have an important, time-sensitive political announcement, we'll be posting it on our website before we mail the information to our members.

A good example is the new soy product, Mega Soy Extract, which contains far more cancer-fighting genistein than any other product in the world. Because of its extraordinarily high potency, the availability of Mega Soy Extract makes it possible for cancer patients to obtain the high doses of genistein that could turn the tide in their struggle to survive.

As soon as we knew Mega Soy Extract would be available, we sent out a Hotlines newsletter to our members about it, and included the same article in the next (January 1998) issue of Life Extension magazine. However, even before our members received the Hotlines mailing, we posted it on our website (under the heading "Emergency!") and sent out an e-mail release to the media about the product.

This emergency communication enabled the word about this potentially lifesaving new product to get out to cancer patients around the world as quickly as possible. We will continue to use our website to announce these kinds of breakthroughs in a timely fashion.

Regularly Updated, Linked

When announcing breakthroughs on our website, the other advantages of the Web also come into play. For example, when we posted the emergency notice about the availability of the new soy product, we were able to link that notice to our cancer protocols, as well as to the abstracts supporting the value of the new product. This kind of instantaneous linking to vast amounts of relevant information is possible only on the Web.

Most of the stories we break are not reported elsewhere. A good example is our coverage of scientific conferences on aging research and the diseases of aging. The reality is, there has been virtually no coverage of these conferences anywhere else, and these findings would have been lost forever to all but those who attended . . . if not for the Foundation. We'll continue to cover these conferences in the magazine and on our website. The Foundation's conference reports are first distributed to our members and subscribers via Life Extension magazine, and then posted to our website, where they will remain available for perusal at any time.

Even though members receive most of the information we publish before it's posted on our website, they also can use the website to learn or refresh their memories about what we've published in the past. For example, when we publish new findings on vitamin E, a trip to our website allows quick access to previous articles we've published on vitamin E, as well as treatment protocols that feature vitamin E.

Keeping Up To Date

The What's Hot! section contains 10 short items about products, therapies and research findings that have stirred recent excitement throughout the life extension community, with links to articles and protocols where they are discussed in greater depth. New items are added regularly to this section, while older items are moved to What's Hot Archives.

Medical Updates brings you the latest advances regarding therapies for a wide variety of degenerative diseases and for aging, based upon the Foundation's constant review of new studies published in medical journals around the world. Our Disease Protocols and the Abstracts supporting them are updated regularly on our website as well as in Life Extension magazine and our Protocol book. It's only on our website, however, that you can gain access to all the Abstracts that support our Protocols. Visitors to our website will soon have access to Abstracts on specific products and therapies.

About a month after our members receive the latest copy of Life Extension magazine, the major stories in the magazine are posted on our website, with links to appropriate sections. Just visit our website anytime for a quick review of all the major stories we've published in the last couple of years in the magazine. Freedom In Healthcare is your link to the latest political news requiring your attention and action. It also includes the major political articles we've published in the past, which enables you to acquire knowledge about government and corporate threats to consumer access to dietary supplements in the U.S. and other countries. Reading it will give you a good picture of the tremendous efforts put forth by the Foundation to protect your health care freedom.

The What's New section is your shortcut to everything that's new on our website. Every time you visit us, you can get a quick rundown of all the new material on the site before deciding what to look at first. What's New is updated every time we post new information anywhere on our site.

One of the benefits of having a well-developed website is that it can be used to protect health care freedom. Winning political victories often hinges on fast action to meet a sudden crisis. Legislation that needs to be halted may be moving through Congress at breakneck speed, a large company may be trying to gain a monopoly over a particular product, or the Food and Drug Administration may have illegally raided an unsuspecting doctor or company.

Obviously, in such cases, it is imperative to move quickly and decisively, and it's very hard to do so through print publications or through a flurry of faxes or phone calls. The ability to post instant emergency notices on the Web gives us the ability to launch protests against anyone in government or private industry within hours. Members should check the Emergency! and Freedom In Healthcare sections of our website on a regular basis for political stories that need immediate attention.

Introducing Your Friends

In mounting a political protest, numbers are critical; a large number of people calling, faxing and writing letters to members of Congress, the President or corporate executives can have a massive and positive impact. As we promote our website to people around the world, we will be building a stronger and stronger constituency for freedom in health care, which will have a powerful impact on those in government and private industry striving to restrict your health care freedom.

In addition, we see widespread exposure to our website as a way of generating the growth of the Foundation, which will lead to improved health care for many people, increased funding for research, and greater protection of the health care freedom that underlies all our efforts.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to communicate the value of Foundation membership to people you care about. However, the Foundation's new website makes it easier than ever to introduce people to the tremendous benefits of Foundation membership. Anyone who visits our website has easy access to an enormous body of information about products, therapies, research and politics as well as the ability to purchase our products online at major discounts if they become members of the Foundation.

The Foundation's website makes it easier than ever to expose your relatives, friends and business associates to our program. After telling them about the site, you can even add their e-mail address to the list of people who receive regular free updates from us.

An even more effective way of spreading the word about the Foundation is to inform large numbers of people on the Internet about the invaluable resources available to them on our site. While participating in Internet discussion groups, you can either post items from our website, or refer those in the discussion group to our site