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Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in January 2021. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.


Among the many features in this issue are our exclusive reports on key findings from conferences held recently in Adelaide, Australia, and Stockholm, Sweden. These reports illustrate one of the unique services we provide to our members. No other organization or publication on Earth reports on these conferences, which focus on aging research, therapeutics and related fields. Occasionally, the mass media will report briefly on a finding revealed at one of these conferences, but the reporting is usually quite superficial. Our reports cover all the important findings at these conferences in depth, with photographs of the event to show you what it was like to be there.

It's important to understand that the findings revealed at these conferences almost always reach you prior to publication in a science or medical journal. Often, it takes a year or two before they appear in print elsewhere; sometimes they're never published. This gives Life Extension Foundation members (who automatically receive Life Extension magazine), and Life Extension magazine subscribers, a significant head start over the medical profession as well as the public. It enables you to learn about and evaluate new findings shortly after they've been released in a public forum for the very first time . . . forums which almost everyone ignores but us.

One reason other media do not cover these conferences is that the events are too scientific for most reporters to understand and interpret for the public. To help in this matter, we employ first-rate medical reporters and writers who can help you understand what's at the forefront of the biomedical frontier, and how it relates to your chances of living longer in good health.

Another reason for the lack of coverage of these conferences is that they typically are held throughout the world, not just in the U.S. Often the people or organizations sponsoring the conferences originate in the U.S., but hold their meetings in faraway places where the climate is fair and the sights are exotic. This doesn't stop us, however. We are committed to bringing you the latest research breakthroughs, regardless of where they are revealed. We hire writers and photographers in places like Australia and Sweden so that you can learn about the latest findings in the world as soon as possible. When it comes to life extension, we cover the world!

Our coverage also extends to fields usually ignored by anti-aging scientists and physicians. Our report on the Stockholm conference, for example, deals with the latest advances in drug delivery systems, which we consider essential for the development of advanced life extension therapies.

Most scientists, physicians and lay people (as well as the media) think that therapies to control human aging will be administered via the kinds of pills and injections used to deliver drug therapies today. We know better. We know how crude and inefficient today's drug delivery systems are, and how important it will be for anti-aging research to develop more sophisticated systems. What we need are computer-controlled systems that approach and eventually match the highly sophisticated endocrine glands within our bodies, which control the ebb and flow of hormones on a continuous on-line basis with remarkable precision.

A good example is the pancreas, which secretes insulin and glucagon to control glucose metabolism in response to rapidly changing conditions such as eating, exercising and sleeping. In order to effectively control aging (and the diseases of aging, such as maturity-onset diabetes), we'll need well-designed drug delivery systems that can reverse the aging-related malfunctions that occur in our bodies as we grow older.

Thus, the findings we bring you from the Stockholm conference benefit you in several ways: they are new and up to date; they come to you from a conference covered solely by Life Extension magazine; and they are in a critically important field often ignored by the scientific and medical establishments.

Our coverage is one of the many reasons why membership in the Life Extension Foundation is mandatory for anyone interested in living longer in good health.

Saul Kent, President
Life Extension Foundation