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Suzanne Somers’ Plan to Eradicate Medical Ignorance

Forward-thinking physicians have identified groundbreaking methods for keeping aging humans healthy. Yet the public remains largely unaware of this knowledge. In her latest book, Suzanne Somers interviews America’s foremost visionary doctors to uncover cutting-edge information on how to optimally live a long life free of disease and decline.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in May 2022. Written by: William Faloon.

William Faloon 
William Faloon
Suzanne Somers’ Plan to Eradicate Medical Ignorance

The leading cause of disease, premature aging, and death is lack of knowledge about effective technologies that already exist!

Forward-thinking physicians are making tremendous strides in identifying scientific methods for keeping aging humans healthy. The problem is that this information remains confined within these doctors’ private practices and is not yet part of the mainstream.

By virtue of her books, TV appearances, and personal lectures, actress Suzanne Somers has enlightened more people about the benefits of natural hormones than anyone else in history.

Through her in-depth discussions with the world’s most avant-garde doctors, Suzanne has uncovered an abundance of other innovations that could spare millions of Americans from the agonies of age-related disease.

Suzanne has spent the past five years interviewing doctors who “think outside the box” in order to develop practical solutions for their patients. This wealth of scientific information has been compiled into her brand new book titled BREAKTHROUGH.

Suzanne’s Unique Scientific Perspective

You may wonder why actress Suzanne Somers is in such a unique position to accurately identify effective medical therapies that conventional doctors overlook.

Suzanne’s Unique Scientific Perspective

One reason is that she has personally derived enormous benefit from the nutrients, natural hormones, and European drugs (not approved in the US) she has used to resolve her own serious health issues. Instead of listening only to what her mainstream doctors said, Suzanne took it upon herself to spend thousands of hours reviewing the medical literature to uncover what mainstream medicine has not yet embraced.

Suzanne also possesses a natural talent to comprehend scientific data and more importantly, an intense interest in health-related issues. As we have all learned, medical doctors too often lose “interest” in the health sciences, which is one reason doctors are so resistant to new ideas, no matter how logical they are.

Perhaps Suzanne’s most significant attribute is her ability to interact with pioneering doctors and scientists in a way that enables her to extract practical information that she then conveys in an easy-to-understand format in her new book called BREAKTHROUGH.

There is no question that Suzanne’s celebrity status has opened many doors for her in the scientific community. Few celebrities, however, have the ability to interact with these high-caliber researchers and clinicians and then translate what they discover into words the public can understand.

Why This Book Could Revolutionize Medical Practice

Life Extension members long ago realized that few doctors understand even basic methods of averting degenerative disease. It is as if a barrier separates the fruits of scientific discovery from its implementation into clinical medical practice.

A major reason why life-saving discoveries are suppressed is drug company influence. Pharmaceutical giants maintain such a stranglehold over the FDA, academia, and physician-prescribing practices that little in the way of medical innovation sees the light of day. Instead, consumers and doctors are exposed to endless promotions for costly, side effect-prone prescription drugs that have only minimal degrees of efficacy.

Why This Book Could Revolutionize Medical Practice

In her new book, Suzanne Somers identifies pioneering physicians who see through the charade erected by pharmaceutical interests and have instead developed non-patented, science-based approaches to preventing and treating age-related disease.

Unlike health books that are somewhat inaccurate or overly technical, each chapter of Suzanne Somers’ new book is dedicated to innovative discoveries that include physicians’ hands-on clinical experiences. It provides the reader with a virtual consultation interview with doctors at the very forefront of medical practice.

Suzanne has a unique ability to take scientific information and translate it into what she calls “people speak,” meaning the public at large can understand exactly what the book conveys.

Why We Are Optimistic About Suzanne’s New Book

A groundswell of consumer resentment is erupting in response to exposés about corrupt pharmaceutical industry practices.

The scientific data so eloquently presented in Suzanne’s book, along with her ability to get this information into the hands of so many Americans, may very well ignite a citizens’ revolt against today’s entrenched medical establishment.

Taking Action!

It’s easy to complain about problems, but few visionaries initiate the corrective action needed to triumph over life-threatening humanitarian issues.

Actress Suzanne Somers is an intuitive author determined to eradicate the barriers of medical ignorance that are the underlying cause of needless suffering and countless deaths.

Taking Action!

We at Life Extension are enormously grateful that Suzanne dedicated so much of her time to researching and writing this new book. While our scientific boards comprise some of the world’s most brilliant physicians and researchers, all of these individuals together do not possess the mass appeal of Suzanne Somers.

In other words, even if a credentialed scientist took the time to compile a comprehensive book like Suzanne did, it would likely wallow in obscurity. Suzanne, on the other hand, has both the celebrity status and the remarkable ability to relate to aging people’s health concerns. We are optimistic that her new book will find its way into the hands of tens of millions of Americans who will then petition Congress to tear down today’s bureaucratic barriers to scientific advancement.

For almost 30 years, the Life Extension Foundation has been transforming the way medicine is viewed and practiced. While significant progress has been made in many areas, we have still not assembled the critical mass of the population needed to overthrow the bureaucracy that denies Americans access to the fruits of scientific progress.

Suzanne Somers’ brand new book BREAKTHROUGH reveals novel approaches that aging people can use today to defy age-related degenerative processes. I encourage Life Extension members to order a copy for their own personal benefit.

For longer life,

For Longer Life 

William Faloon