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Life Extension Magazine

October 2008

Suzanne Somers’ Plan to Eradicate Medical Ignorance

Forward-thinking physicians have identified groundbreaking methods for keeping aging humans healthy. Yet the public remains largely unaware of this knowledge. In her latest book, Suzanne Somers interviews America’s foremost visionary doctors to uncover cutting-edge information on how to optimally live a long life free of disease and decline.


Natural Methods for Reversing Atherosclerosis

Despite managing their cholesterol and blood pressure, millions suffer needless heart attacks and strokes. Cardiologists are failing to address a key cause of artery disease—endothelial dysfunction. Fortunately, scientists have discovered natural methods of reversing endothelial dysfunction and clinical signs of atherosclerosis.

New Scientific Options for Preventing Breast Cancer

While women today try to detect early-stage breast cancer through diligent screening, few realize the importance of following a comprehensive breast cancer-preventive strategy utilizing scientifically proven methods.

Breakthrough in the Relief of Chronic Pain Without Drugs!

A breakthrough technology utilizing low-level laser light therapy is providing safe and long-lasting relief for the most common types of chronic pain. As it slowly winds its way through clinical studies, a pioneering doctor in The Bahamas is making this novel therapy available right now.

Reverse Aging by Restoring Youthful Sexual Function

One of the most distressing side effects of aging is a loss of sexual desire, enjoyment, and performance. The encouraging news is that the age-related decline in factors that contributes to sexual dysfunction can be prevented and treated, making it possible to maintain a satisfying sexual life well into advanced age.


In The News

SAMe shows promise in Alzheimer’s; curcumin fights obesity, diabetes; milk thistle’s heart-health benefits; lutein, zeaxanthin good for healthy eyes; vitamin D protects against prostate cancer; flavonoids may cut colorectal cancer risk; green tea benefits sleep apnea; antioxidant vitamins combat memory impairment in diabetics; healthy diet changes affect cancer genes; low vitamin D levels shorten life span; DHA boosts children’s cognitive function; artichoke extract lowers cholesterol; creatine strengthens muscle in elderly; and more.


Super Foods

Valued for its health benefits for centuries, flaxseed is packed with omega-3s, lignans, phytoestrogens, and fiber, which give this versatile seed powerful cardioprotective and anticancer properties.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

At 105 years of age, Dr. Alexander Imich, noted New York parapsychologist, reveals the nutritional and lifestyle secrets to his extraordinary longevity.

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