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Why Life Extension’s Pharmacy is Unique

Director of Pharmacy Operations, Frank La Corte, RPh, PD, is using over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and compounding sectors to upgrade the Life Extension Pharmacy, providing unique and valuable professional services to its clients.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.

Frank La Corte
Frank La Corte

As the newly appointed Director of Pharmacy Operations, Frank La Corte, RPh, PD, is upgrading the Life Extension Pharmacy to provide unique and valuable services for its clients. Using over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and compounding sectors, Pharmacist La Corte has set several targets for himself and the Life Extension Pharmacy.

Fulfilling Key Goals

Combining the Life Extension Foundation’s 28 years of nutraceutical research and formulation with his in-depth knowledge of pharmaceuticals, Frank La Corte’s first goal is to develop a personalized relationship with customers for their ongoing health care needs, something that is sadly too often lacking in major chain store operations today. Secondly, he seeks to offer pharmacy customers direct access to qualified pharmacists for advice about prescriptions and how these medications can work synergistically with nutrient and hormone supplements in keeping you healthy. For example, taking prescription “statins” to lower your cholesterol/triglycerides can deplete your body’s supply of coenzyme Q10, while taking bisphosphonate drugs to protect against bone fractures (like Actonel® or Fosamax®) can be useless without adequate calcium and vitamin D.

Last, but not least, in today’s world of necessary “belt tightening,” the pharmacy is committed to being as cost effective (easy on your wallet/pocketbook) as possible, offering low-cost/high-quality generics and minimally marked-up brand name drugs as well as practical suggestions of the many ways to conserve your health care dollars. For example, did you know that with many prescription drugs, the double-strength tablets (two times what your doctor prescribes) can be cut in half with no loss of effectiveness, but with substantial cost savings? Or that prescription Lovaza® (omega-3-acid ethyl esters) is three to four times more expensive than an equivalent amount of Life Extension’s Super Omega-3 supplement? You can get some idea of the huge savings offered by the Life Extension Pharmacy by referring to the chart below.

Insurance Coverage

Life Extension’s pharmacy welcomes most major insurance plans including Medicare Part D, Florida Medicaid, and workers’ compensation, although in some cases, it is actually less expensive to purchase generic medications without your insurance. The pharmacy also price matches most “generic” pharmacy programs and always welcomes your insight to competitive prices. There is no charge for UPS ground shipping; however, other shipping options are available when your medications need to be at your door tomorrow.

One-on-One Service

One-on-One Service

Today’s “one size fits all” drug company mentality ignores unique patient differences. The Life Extension Pharmacy is taking a much needed giant step to tailor services according to individual customer needs. The Life Extension Pharmacy’s motto: “Treat every patient as a respected individual.” Specialized compounding can provide a variety of dosage forms and strengths, such as customized commercially unavailable medication combinations, pre- and post-surgical ophthalmic and otic drops, and bioidentical hormones for women as well as men.

The pharmacy operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also reach the pharmacy by calling toll free at 877-877-9700. After hours, a computerized answering system (877-877-9707) as well as online refill services are available ( for your convenience.

An Added Bonus

Membership is not required to use the pharmacy’s services in order to benefit from competitive prices and a superior customer experience you have come to expect from Life Extension. As an added incentive, in this issue, you will find a coupon valued at $25 towards supplement purchases upon the filling of a new prescription not previously filled by the pharmacy.

Quarterly Updates

The Life Extension Pharmacy also looks forward to providing you with pertinent pharmaceutical information on a quarterly basis via the Life Extension magazine. Next quarter, look out for an informative article on postmenopausal osteoporosis prevention and treatment.