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Man and coach following Honeycutt’s advice for aging health

An Impressive Body of Work:Warren Honeycutt

Black belt, bodybuilder, and Masters Heavy­weight National Physique Committee finalist for five con­secutive years, Warren Honeycutt, age 60, attributes his excellent health and physique to solid nutrition, sugar avoidance, exercise, his supplement regime, and his long association with Life Extension.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Jon Finkel.

Warren Honeycutt
Warren Honeycutt

The story is familiar but the results are far from ordinary. A heavyset 14-year-old kid decides that he’s tired of being overweight and hits the gym. He sees some results and realizes the potential of living a healthy, active lifestyle over a sedentary, fast-food diet-filled existence. But this is where the story veers into the extraordinary.

Forty-six years later, Warren Honeycutt, now 60 years old, is a decorated bodybuilder who is America’s only Masters Heavyweight to reach the National Physique Committee’s Nationals Finals for five consecutive years. He is also the man behind his own weight-loss system called Get Honeycutt.

“I entered my first physique competition when I was 19,” Honeycutt says. “And I’ve never stopped. The reason I started my own company is because wherever I go, people stop me and ask me how old I am. They look at my face and see that I’m not 25, but when I’m walking through the mall or at a restaurant, people often want to know how I have the body that I do at 60.”

The answer to that question has many parts, from time in the gym to a diet to, of course, a link with Life Extension® via Dr. Sergey Dzugan.

Omega-3s salmon filet 

“I met Dr. Dzugan about 15 years ago and he introduced me to Life Extension and everything that it offers,” Honeycutt says. “Life Extension is one of the few places that you can go to get really good information and good content about healthy living and supplements. Personally, I take omega-3s and the multivitamin… But my favorite product is Cognitex. Dr. Dzugan started me on all of that. Also, my cholesterol went from 325 down to 175 in one month just due to diet changes recommended by Dr. Dzugan. I got away from a high-fat diet and into more healthy protein.”

Honeycutt says that the combined knowledge he’s gained from places like Life Extension and his lifetime pursuit of fitness, nutrition, and excellent health led him to have an epiphany to start his own diet company.

“I’ve been a fitness entrepreneur my whole life,” Honeycutt says. “I opened my first gym when I was 20, and I’ve owned multiple businesses. I’ve also been a gym manager and a trainer. So I’ve been in this business for over 40 years.”

Honeycutt says that he used to train people one-on-one, but now he doesn’t have the time. He launched Get Honeycutt five years ago as a two-page website with a shopping cart and a listing of times where he would be doing an online seminar. Cut to the present day, where his little site now has thousands of pages of information and recently racked up its 25 millionth hit, and the move looks like a brilliant decision.

“The Internet is filled with gimmicks and pills and tricks,” he says. “I wanted to create something that was a paint-by-numbers process that worked. When people sign up for our program, we have a live Internet chat to begin and one 15-minute live coaching session per week.”

In general, Honeycutt’s diet tips include eating more lean protein while eating more fibrous carbohydrates. He warns, as Life Extension does, to steer clear of simple carbs and high-glycemic carbs. His company even has an app that allows you to take a picture of almost any item in any restaurant and it will send back to you the nutritional value of that item.

Warren Honeycutt’s Life Extension Regimen

Warren Honeycutt’s
Life Extension Regimen

  • Multivitamin
  • Omega-3s
  • Cognitex

Honeycutt stands 5’9” tall, and in order to maintain his 220 pound frame of muscle along with an amazing 5% body fat, he eats lots of protein through salmon and egg whites. He also enjoys some fruits and protein shakes.

As a disciple of Jack LaLanne, he likes to quote one of the legend’s all-time favorite lines:

“Exercise is king, nutrition is queen; put them together and you’ve got a kingdom!”

In order to remain competitive as a bodybuilder, Honeycutt spends about two to two-and-a-half hours a week with resistance training.

“My workouts are very intense,” he says. “But to be in good health and to feel good and to have muscle strength to support your skeleton, you don’t have to exercise in an intense way. A healthy diet and 20 minutes of exercise three or four times a week will do it for 90% of the population. I’ve read studies, including a recent one from UCLA, that said that if Americans did two things, we’d lower our cost of health care by 30% . The two things? Eat right and exercise. Jack LaLanne said that in 1950!”

Part of eating healthy is avoiding foods that can be lethal in high doses. Life Extension has long-written about the dangers of excess glucose on our bloodstreams, and Honeycutt teaches his clients about the cumulative effects of eating too much sugar.

“If you define a poison as anything that you ingest that kills you, then sugar is a poison,” he says. “Sugar is also an addictive substance, which most people don’t realize because it’s been a part of their diet for so long.”

In addition to the ill effects of sugar, the nutrient-lacking Western diet has created a “new normal” for people, where they have become so used to having no energy and not feeling well that they don’t realize there is a better way to live.

Warren Honeycutt’s Accomplishments

Warren Honeycutt’s Accomplishments

  • Founder and President of Get Honeycutt, Inc.
  • Five-time Masters Heavyweight NPC Finalist
  • Black belt
  • Owned his first gym at 20 years old
  • Songwriter, artist
  • Founder and President of Timetech, Inc, a brokerage firm

“We’ve become so accustomed to being lethargic that we don’t even realize that we’re feeling bad,” he says. “One of the amazing things I see in my program is that after a month or so of following our diet, people inevitably have a day or a meal where they eat like their old selves, and they say that they feel horrible. They say to me, ‘I ate like I used to and I got sick!’ Once people begin to feel good, they don’t want to go back to the old way.”

Personally, the biggest benefit that Honeycutt sees from his healthy lifestyle is an excitement for life. He says that he wakes up every day with the energy to live life with abundance, happiness, and enthusiasm.

“I stay motivated because we don’t have a choice as to whether we pay a price or not in terms of our health,” he says. “I looked at the choice of not paying attention to fitness or my diet and the results would be a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, illness, and on and on. To me, that’s no choice. It’s a much smaller price to pay to stay in shape and eat well and have energy and feel great. I just turned 60, and I’ve decided that I’m going to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in.”

Sounds like a commitment more people should make to themselves, regardless of age.

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