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Sage leaves that have multiple health benefits

Issue: Feb 2017

Super Foods Sage

Sage, a common herb in the Mediterranean diet, is known for a wide range of benefits, from lowering blood sugar levels to inhibiting cognitive impairment.

Sage, a culinary herb, originated in the Mediterranean and is related to the mint family. It can be added to almost any dish as well as to smoothies, or drunk as a tea, and is known for a wide range of beneficial health effects.


Sage has been shown to lower blood glucose levels.1

Skin Care

Sclareol, a compound that is derived from sage and used as a scent oil, has been found to reduce skin wrinkles when used topically in a cream.2


Studies have shown the efficacy of sage for improving memory,3 as well as combatting cognitive impairment in people both with and without dementia.4

Upset Stomach

Taken as an herbal tea, sage can soothe stomach distress and indigestion.5

Sore throat

Gargling with sage can provide relief from sore throat.5 To make a liquid mouthwash, add about a half-teaspoon of dried sage leaves to a half cup of water, boil it, let it cool and strain out the leaves.


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