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February 2017

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Heartburn Relief Without Drugs

About 40% of adult Americans suffer from heartburn, which is often treated by proton pump inhibitor drugs such as Nexium® and Prilosec®. Long-term use of these stomach acid-blocking drugs can result in serious consequences. A healthier way has been developed to reduce acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.


Protect Against Winter Colds And Flu

Flu and pneumonia kill 55,000 people a year. Especially vulnerable are those with weakened immune systems such as the elderly. Bolstering immune defenses during winter months is essential for those at risk for infectious illnesses.

Heartburn Drugs Increase Dementia Risk

Recent studies have shown that the popular acid-reducing drugs known as proton pump inhibitors increase the risk of dementia. Most alarming is the finding that proton pump inhibitors prevent the removal of beta-amyloid plaques that are involved in the pathology of Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, there are newly discovered natural alternatives to these harmful drugs.

Protect Eyesight From Blinding Blue Light

As the use of smart phones and computers skyrockets, scientists are warning about the dangers of blue light these devices emit. Chronic blue light exposure can lead to blindness. Studies show that nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin that protect against solar ultraviolet rays can also guard your retina against electronic screen-emitting blue light.

Combat High Uric Acid

More than 20% of Americans have excess uric acid levels, increasing their risk of painful gout, as well as coronary artery disease and early death. A tree fruit extract has been studied for its ability to safely inhibit uric acid production without the use of side effect-prone medications.


As We See It

As We See It: Hidden Factor Behind Kidney Disease Epidemic

In a new study from Johns Hopkins University, people who use proton pump inhibitor drugs are at increased risk of kidney disease. Further studies show these heartburn drugs can increase risk of bone fractures and heart disease. Natural approaches to relieve heartburn are discussed.

In The News

Nicotinamide riboside boosts NAD+ and longevity enzymes; melatonin reduces blood pressure; magnesium lowers glucose; and DHEA cuts diabetes risk.


Super Foods: Sage

Sage, a common herb in the Mediterranean diet, is known for a wide range of benefits, from lowering blood sugar levels to inhibiting cognitive impairment.

Author Interview

Author Interview: Real Food/Fake Food

In his book, Real Food/Fake Food, Larry Olmsted exposes the shocking facts behind a variety of fraudulent foods claiming to be authentic. These include olive oil, Kobe beef and specialty cheeses. Much of the blame is due to incompetent FDA oversight, which fails to protect us from these fake foods.

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