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Life Extension: Your Partner for a Lifetime of Good Health

The Life Extension® group works around the clock to serve clients via direct interaction with Wellness Specialists, sponsoring clinical trials, investigating the published literature, and designing award-winning nutrient formulas.

By Michael Downey, Health & Wellness Author.

For 38 consecutive years, Life Extension® has been committed to promoting health and longevity through science and research.

Research Comes First

Life Extension scientists analyze hundreds of new studies weekly for the most advanced research that provides data for formulating its innovative, science-based supplements.

Life Extension’s nutritional supplements contain the same clinical dosages used in published studies.

Rigorous Quality Control From Start to Finish

Life Extension’s quality control standards exceed FDA mandates.

Only the world’s highest-quality raw materials are used. Potency and purity are ensured using advanced analytical methods, such as liquid chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Raw materials must meet U.S. Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

Life Extension conducts frequent, detailed, on-site audits of all suppliers. Combined with NSF International registration, this ensures all products are manufactured according to the highest standards. Rigorous testing continues even after finished products are packaged.

Finally, a certificate of analysis—guaranteeing potency, quality, and purity—is available for every single product.

Life Extension has earned GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) registration from NSF International, an independent organization setting manufacturing and testing standards.

It’s our commitment to research and quality that has resulted in the overwhelming majority of our products having a 4 and 5-star (out of five stars) customer rating online.

At, you can read thousands of reviews by highly satisfied customers that can be found on each individual product page.

Awards for Our Quality and Service

Life Extension’s quality and service continues to be recognized by an ongoing series of industry and consumer awards. For example, some of the awards received in the past 18 months include:

  • Delicious Living Supplement Award 2018: Healthy Aging—Hair, Skin, & Nails
  • Better Nutrition 2017 Best of Supplement Award Winner: Digestive Health—FLORASSIST® GI with Phage Technology
  • SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Award Finalist: Mediterranean Whole Food Blend—Specialty Supplement—Longevity & Wellness
  • NutraIngredient Awards—Europe: NutraIngredients Award for the Omega-3 Product of the Year

In addition, the following four awards received from are ratings based on the results of the 2018 Survey of Supplement Users (more information at

  • #1 Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant (3-time winner)
  • #1 Rated Multivitamin (6-time winner)
  • #1 Rated Resveratrol Products (3-time winner)
  • #1 Rated Omega-3 EPA/Dha Products (4-time winner)

Life Extension also regularly surveys our customers on their experience with us. In fact, 98% of our customers would recommend us to their family and friends.

Money Saving Nutrient Formulas

The cost of following a comprehensive health program can be expensive. Life Extension circumvents this by combining optimal potencies of nutrients into formulas that cost a fraction of taking the ingredients separately.

By buying from Life Extension, you receive 25% off all purchases. With the complimentary Your Healthy Rewards program, you automatically receive 2% LE Dollars back on every supplement or blood test you purchase from Life Extension, redeemable for future purchases. Plus, with your first purchase, you automatically receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Life Extension Magazine®.

Life Extension also offers the Premier program that, for an initial fee of $49.95 ($59.95 for international customers) provides you with a $50 bonus credit of LE Dollars at sign-up and every year you renew, 4% LE Dollars back on every supplement or blood test you purchase from Life Extension, redeemable for future purchases. Plus, FREE unlimited standard delivery to any mailing address within the 50 U.S. states on your supplement orders, excluding U.S. territories. Also includes discounts on non-standard shipping and shipping outside of the U.S.

Every product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Free, Personalized Wellness Advice

Anyone with a health question is welcome to call 1-866-864-3027, for free access to Life Extension’s expert team of naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, physicians, and other health specialists for answers to all their supplement questions.

Life Extension’s Wellness Specialists will help customers design individual programs including nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise—based on their needs, lab testing, and the latest clinical studies.

Discount Blood Testing

Life Extension offers hundreds of discounted diagnostic blood tests to provide you with the most complete picture of your health status. These include hormone testing, cancer markers, cardiovascular risk factors and omega-3 status, among others. Many of these tests are not available at your doctor’s office. The goal is to provide you with maximum information about your health for disease prevention and longevity.

These blood tests cost a fraction of what commercial blood labs charge.

Life Extension Magazine

Every month, Life Extension Magazine reports on the latest research to help you stay healthy longer.

Every article is meticulously referenced so that you can verify the research findings presented. Feel free to call 1-866-864-3027 to speak with a Wellness Specialist if you have questions about our articles.

Funding Innovative Research

Life Extension was initially established solely to support research aimed at radically extending healthy human lifespan.

We published our first newsletter in 1980. What happened is readers were often unable to find the advanced nutrients we reported on.

So we started identifying sources of nutrient extracts and formulating them based on the published scientific literature.

We then used proceeds from supplement sales to fund research projects that go beyond the scope of academic institutions and biomedical companies.

Life Extension has since provided over $185 million to other research organizations to accomplish our original purpose, including projects that seek to delay and reverse aging processes to provide higher-quality lifespans.

Every time you purchase a dietary supplement from us, you help further a host of scientific research initiatives.

Clinical Trials

Life Extension Clinical Research, Inc., engages in pioneering clinical trials with the goal of extending the healthy human lifespan and defeating disease. And you can play a role too! If you’d like to be among the first individuals to potentially benefit from cutting-edge therapies that could improve your health—long before they’re made available to the general public—you may be able to participate in one of our clinical trials. Call 1-866-517-4536 for details.


Life Extension’s commitment to longevity includes advanced research and science-based supplement formulas, clinical trials, and 24-hour-a-day Wellness Specialists to answer your health-related questions. No other organization is as focused on your health as is Life Extension.

If you have any questions on the scientific content of this article, please call a Life Extension® Wellness Specialist at 1-866-864-3027.