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Life Extension Magazine

Winter 2018-2019 Special Edition

A Biomedical Renaissance!

In a startling discovery published in July 2018, old animals lived 36% longer and regained physical function when senescent cells were removed. Senescent cells accumulate in humans and secrete toxic inflammatory factors. Scientists proclaim this senescent cell-removing technique “might transform medicine as we know it.”


Major Advance in Healthy Longevity

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic discovered that many age-related afflictions can be reversed by eliminating senescent cells using senolytic compounds. Life Extension® scientists identified two plant-based ingredients with senolytic activity that cost less than $7 a month.

New Way Vitamin D Protects The Brain

Low levels of vitamin D are associated with memory loss and increased dementia risk. In a new discovery, researchers show that certain brain cells contain receptor sites for vitamin D.

Circadian Rhythm, Sleep, and Aging

Circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of health from sleep to heart rate to lifespan. Two compounds have been identified that can help restore youthful circadian rhythm function.

Our Commitment to Your Health

The Life Extension® group works around the clock to serve clients via direct interaction with Wellness Specialists, sponsoring clinical trials, investigating the published literature, and designing award-winning nutrient formulas.

For the Serious Health Conscious Consumer

The majority of Americans over age 65 take a multivitamin supplement. This can create a false sense of security as potencies of nutrients in most commercial formulas are inadequate for optimizing health.